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Gorilla Seeds Flash Sale - 30% Off For 24 Hours

Gorilla Seeds

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Sorry for the late notice, but this has already started & the clock is ticking.

For the next 17 hours, 32 minutes & 20 seconds (as of the time I typed this), we're taking 30% off a select group of seeds.

Go tour home page here - Gorilla Seed Bank | Worldwide Cannabis Seeds Delivery & click on the black banner with the countdown clock to see what's available.

As far as I know, all payment discounts are still in effect & you can use any coupon codes you have laying around.

Bitcoins - 20% off plus 5 bonus seeds
Bank Transfers - 15% off plus 5 bonus seeds

JUL - put in coupon code area of basket before you go to checkout for 5 more free seeds



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We just got two order last week too. Dang. There will be more...oh yes there will be more.

Thanks again for doing these as they are quite beneficial.



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awesome sale sherry & gorilla.

but here's the website as I see it again.....one is chrome the other is IE.


same thing was happening before
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