Govenor Is Trying To Revive Marijuana Bill

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Governor Richardson says it's important that state lawmakers approve a medical marijuana bill before the session is over next week.

The governor says he's meeting with lawmakers to try to revive the medical marijuana measure that was narrowly defeated by the House this week.

Richardson already has talked one-on-one with at least five House members to try to get them to change their votes.

The governor says he also plans to talk to House Speaker Ben Lujan–who opposes the bill.

Richardson, who is campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president, says he wants the medical marijuana legislation.

The measure would authorize the use of marijuana by patients certified under a Department of Health program.

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He's been behind medical marijuana for years. He seems like a good, intelligent & experienced man. I've liked him since I first heard about him. If he was elected something might actually change.

Is is possible to get stoners out to vote ?
i would hope everyone would vote in the upcomming election after 8 years of the whole world making our president the focal point of most jokes.
it is ashame that this guy hasnt been getting more press coverage, hopefully he will in the future so we can learn more about him.
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