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Government Seizes Pot Grower's Home

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A Malton man has pleaded guilty to operating a marijuana lab out of a home he owns in Georgetown.

Tuyen Ngo pleaded guilty this week in Federal Court to charges of unlawfully producing a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.

Charges were laid by Halton Regional Police in connection with a June 1, 2006 investigation. Investigators from Halton's Drug and Morality Bureau executed a search warrant at a property owned by Ngo, at 42 Duncan Dr. in Georgetown.

"The residence contained a sophisticated cannabis marijuana laboratory," police said.

Earlier this month, the OPP Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit placed a restraint on the residence to hold the property for a future forfeiture hearing.

After Ngo's guilty plea, the Federal Court ordered forfeiture of his house to the Receiver General of Canada.

"This is the first grow operation forfeiture in Halton region," said Insp. Chris Perkins, head of the Halton police Criminal Investigations Division. "Asset forfeiture is a valuable tool that police can use to help ensure public safety and sends a strong message to criminals that we will not tolerate grow operations in our communities."

Source: Mississauga News
Author: Louie Rosella
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2008
Website: The Mississauga News - Mississauga.com

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The world is safer today as another sophisticated cannabis marijuana laboratory was shut down. The mad scientist is in jail and the Receiver General of Canada has a new house. "Asset forfeiture is a valuable legal tool that police can use to help rip off the public and to ensure public safety from the crazy weed overtaking the neighborhood, no the world and sends a strong message to criminals that we will not tolerate sloppy grow operations in our communities." italics added for my amusement:48:
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In some states, if the police even find a seed, they can seize your car for "evidence."
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