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Governor Schwarzenegger: Stand Up For Patients' Rights!

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Call on the Governor to Defend California's Medical Marijuana Laws

Dear ASA Supporters,

Over the past several years, the Bush administration's Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has victimized patients and providers throughout California, undermining state law and stooping to new levels to shut down access for sick and dying patients in California. ASA has been working for the past five years to thwart the DEA's efforts, but as they escalate their tactics, we too must escalate our response and actions! We must put an end to the attack on patients and providers!

Americans for Safe Access has launched a new pressure campaign, calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to "Stand Up for Patients' Rights: Defend California's Medical Marijuana Laws."

We are calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to defend the rights of medical cannabis patients and caregivers and the will of the voters in California by standing up to the Bush Administration. We are urging him to take a stand against federal medical cannabis enforcement and to support efforts to harmonize federal law with the compassionate laws of California and the eleven other states that allow medical cannabis use. To take action immediately,
visit ASA : Online Action Center

ASA's new campaign consists of statewide call in days, legislative visits from constituents and lobbyists, and sign-on letters from key public officials and organizations. Our goal is to create a tipping point for pressuring the governor by organizing a mass mobilization on Thursday, October 11th, to Governor Schwarzenegger's office in Los Angeles. There, we will invite the governor to publicly stand up to the Bush administration, calling on them to end the attacks on patients and providers. Visit
ASA : Governor Schwarzenegger: Stand Up For Patients' Rights! to read more about the campaign, the mass mobilization, and to take action.

Over the next several weeks, ASA will be calling on all of the medical marijuana supporters in California to take action with four action items. A description of each item can be found at
ASA : Governor Schwarzenegger: Stand Up For Patients' Rights!.

Those will include:

1. Statewide Mobilization to the Governor's Los Angeles Office on Thursday, October 11th.
2. Call Governor Schwarzenegger's Office and Demand that He Stand Up for Patients' Rights!
3. E-mail the Governor. Ask Him to Defend California's Medical Marijuana Laws and Call on the Bush Administration to End the War on Patients.
4. Spread the Word! Download and Distribute!

Once more, a description of each action item can be found at
ASA : Governor Schwarzenegger: Stand Up For Patients' Rights!. With your help, working with the governor, we can help make this campaign the strongest response to the DEA's attacks on patients the Bush administration has seen.

Don't forget to go to
ASA : Governor Schwarzenegger: Stand Up For Patients' Rights!, to begin pressuring the governor to stand up for patients rights! If you have any questions on this campaign, please contact Sonnet@AmericansforSafeAccess.org.

Thank you for your support and for taking action!

Sonnet Seeborg Gabbard
Field Coordinator
Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access is the nation's largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.
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