Grafting our lovely lil female friends!


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Anyone currently doing this?
has done this?
or planning?
reasons for this..
theres alot of ppl wondering why you would they think theres no reason to cut up a bunch of plants for no reason..

my main goal for this..
space efficiency..
breeding and so forth...
i could take a huge indica male graft 6 really fruity sativa/ sativa hybrids strains to it put that under a little 150 watt light 12/12 the male would flower female grafted branches would flower at same time pollination would be perfect seeming as its all on one plant kinda like a hermie just with different strains. you could severely increase breeding this way. then i would have 6 new strains half ogre/half everything else

do you guys think that the female branches would take physical traits of the male? maybe produce male sacks themselves because i introduced by grafting onto a male? and if they produced said male sacks would they be the genetics from the grafted branches doing the male flowers or through the male base plant...

because i grafted them like this to a huge indica male do you think the seeds produced by this frankenstein plant will have more of a indica structure or would grafting only simply just connect a branch to anothers life source? i mean i know traits will be switched during pollination im wondering if it goes beyond that... like if you grafted females to eachother... could the female that the rest are grafted to distribute flavor of her strain into tthe rest?apply characteristics simply off of grafting alone? maybe nothing good happens... but hey i got imagination..

they can graft cannabis to hops now...

can we do this to other plants?? say a blackberry bush? could you imagine grafting 100 clones to a blackberry bush imagine what thatd look like. a blackberry bush with a bunch of little christmas trees reaching for the sky from it.?!

maybe you can do it to any soft tissue plant on the market
what about a vine?? take a vine houseplant cut like 7 ends and graft them right into the base of clones?? what kinda growth would that do with the rate of growth most vines exhibit pumping growth into the extension like it normally would now say you add a male into this equation and get them all to graft successfully and flower and they pollinate and seed... would these seeds maybe take on a vine like structure eventually? if you did this for say 8 generations could you breed another plants genetics into cannabis to shape the structure differently? i been thinking about this for a while but not sure how to bring it up hope i get responses and thanks for reading my imaginative medicated rambling :p :D :) =btw space queen sucks... till you mix it with something citrusy=



heres a thought... can you take two kinds of pollen blend it and introduce the mixed pollen to flowers by paint brush and get a different result then just one or the other kind of pollen.?
heres another hypothetical i got 6 pots with two seedlings a pot. so lets say i get a male. could i crop the male and graft its stalk to the female in the same pot and could this be a new way to uptake more water and nutes with two comple root systems?? just a random thought haha


hmm 150views no reply... maybe im too rediculous hahaha
Why would you want to graft females onto a male stalk? The only benefit I can see is regards to plant count. Maybe I need to smoke more.........
how would doing this severely increase breeding, over other more traditional, easier methods? those seem to bee 100% efficient. well provided both male pollen and female buds are form strong healthy plants.. i dont think this would really make things anything better, just more work, more stress for the plant/ plants and more time involved in the grow. more time, or energy means more risk for you if it were ever to die. youd loose all your strains at once. all that time and hard work.
but i mean if its something you want to do just to do and then record your results and your opinions on whats good or bad about the process i would love to get a front row seat. this topic def interests me.. franken weed, oh yeah!! comes in all different colors and flavors haha
do it up my brotha ;)

now less talking more working haha
no stress on me or worries... just a topic cause im bored..
and if i got the extra space? clones to do it why not play with it its just a very
versatile plant and id like to see what i could do with it.
maybe theres a way to change things in the physical appearance of it. why did ppl graft fruit trees? to see what would happen.the reasoning for me to graft a bunch of females to a male is so i can flower them all and id be crossing my main male i want with my select females all on one plant. in the smallest amount of space possible. Less pots/individual plants the easier for me to consider building a tiny grow area for a frankenstein creation that would leave me with 6 different crosses in the most minimal amount of space possible.why?? because it doesnt matter to me. worse case scenario i kill some branches and maybe a male plant so what.. best case scenario i end up with a sweet 7 strain seed producing monster plant that will produce me 6 kinds of crosses with as little space and light light as possible.
what if you grafted it to a fruit plant could it take in certain things? say taste?
im basically doing it to just do it just wanted to ramble about it first lol.


all just a what if kinda thing i mean nothing new ever happens if ppl just stay within known boundaries... gotta explore a little. successfully grafting i think would be as fun as seeing clones root when your taking care of them.
so i saw a video where this guy had 11 strains on one mom. and it looked fabulously healthy. his point was to increase strain diversity in his legal limits so grafting keeps him within his guidelines while keeping his favorite stains alive.. still a good point for breeding. gives you access to way more females to breed with and choices as long as you can keep that mom alive.. be like a living lollipop stand of goodness.
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