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Gday folks i am wondering if any 1 has experimented with grafting or budding using ruderalis as root stock.Just say i wanted to bud or graft a certain strain onto ruderalis wood my plant take on auto flower characteristics or wood it just grow more vigourously maintaining form of bud or graft. If any1 knows or has heard of anything like it pls drop me a line id like to hear it.Thanx in advance
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Hey juan i was wondering if anyone has tried inter node grafting.In Australia we have some amazing native plants ie Grevillea Banksia etc.I worked in a nursery that would graft Graft Grevillea Royal Mantle onto Grevillea Robusta.Once that had taken we could then graft a lot of Western Australian species on top and they would grow beautifully.My question is do you think its posible to do something similar.We usually did it by top wedge grafting but banksias we had to do cotyledon grafts and they took to it well.I wonder if this would work on MJ.By the way the royal mantle was prostate a vigourous growing ground cover and plants grew as normal or were standards.Sorry if im wasting your time but wondering if something like this could be effective.Thanx again champ all the best