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Grand Daddy Black's Alaskan Purple

Grand Daddy Black

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I grew 4 Alaskan Purple autos. Bought them from a single vendor, and I believe I got 4 different phenos.

The link for the journal is below.

They were grown in a 4x4 tent under a Phlizon COB LED that pulls a (true) 600 watts.

One was grown in concentrated super soil in a 5 gallon fabric pot and the other 3 in deep water culture, in 5 gallon
buckets. I used Advance Nutrients PH Perfect trio for the DWC, along with CalMag, Hydroguard and Terpinator.

Two of them were ready in under 80 days. The other 2 went over a hundred days.

This being my first time smoking this strain, I want to say right off that I love it! All of the
phenos taste sweet and kind of grapey. Even though the different phenos bring varied side effects,
the Purple itself produces a really nice high! Mostly buzzed and wide awake (with one exception).
I've spent several days enjoying the sunrise because of smoking too much of the Purple too late at night.

All of the plants have been curing for at least 4 weeks as of this review.

Plant #1 (the first to come down, named Zombie) got off to a weird start, with a deformed leaf structure.
It straightened itself out and eventually was the first to show amber trichs, and lots of them.
After drying/curing her buds turned out to be rather on the fluffy side, but with some thickness.
She keeps me up and alert but doesn't produce a strong body high. I was up and about doing stuff, even
painting rooms.

This was her late in life:


Plant #2 (named Plugging Along) came down a few days after the Zombie. The buds after her dry/cure
were thick and heavier than the Zombie. She too kept me up, but not so much moving about. She tasted
a little better than the Zombie, having a heightened sweetness.

This was her after takedown:


Plant #3 (named Rusty Leaf) also got off to a bad start. Most of her initial leaves turned to
a rust color after a short while. I think increased CalMag may have corrected it; I know something
did. She turned out to be huge (compared to the others). She ended up with thick, heavy buds that
had her leaning at the end of her grow. Same sweet taste, same buzzy high and, this time, little to no
moving about for the smoker, just an extreme enjoyment of action movies!

She had legs:

Last to come down was the plant grown in soil. She never got a name other than the "Soil Plant."
She was the least troublesome of the bunch. All she wanted was water (and I think that I didn't give
her enough). She turned out deep purple (all the others were green) and had heavy, dense buds.
Smoking her is a little different. I have to fight to stay alert and really don't feel like
doing much of anything. If I smoke this one late at night, I can go to bed at a normal hour,
if I make it from my chair to my bed. Very tasty!


My next grow will have to have a least a few soil grows in it. I don't thing I got it right this time
and the results still blew me away. I have to see how it turns out when done right!

I'm new to growing (3rd grow) so thanks for the help and support @InTheShed, @West Hippie , @Van Stank @Canuckush, @Rifleman



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