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Grand Daddy Purple


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just wanna know how long shuld i let gdp flower.....just pulled a batch @ 60 dayz...purp leavs but no purp buds..still sum excellent sticky sh1t tho...used fox farm nutes n not very big buds....im 2 weeks into vegn new batch gonna try the bio series from GH n see if git bigger yield....any help b greatly appreciated


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You should not have to lower temperatures in the room if the strain is truly a "purple" strain. I am growing 3 GDP clones and like a lot of purple strains NOT all of them are the purple phenotype. Others only have a little bit of purple traits. Another thing is environmental factor. I grew three Purple Kush plants and not 1 turned purple. I think it had to do with the soil/ and nutrients I was using because my friend growing the same cut buds were all purple and blue. On the other hand If it hasn't turned purple yet don't worry because sometimes strains like PURPLE URKLE ( my favorite purple strain of all time) does not turn purple until after week 5 @ the earliest. Once it starts turning purple everything starts turning purple but if you were to compare the plant at 5 weeks to the plant @ 9 weeks they look nothing alike. I have a Purple Urkle mother now because those buds are 100% guarantee purple and all gentics and also has a grape flavor and although very Sativa the buds are extremely dense and and large. It is truly the best purple strain out there. ONly problem is it is clone only which is why I have a mother. The best option would be to buy Urkle X Querkle from TGA Subcool seeds and hope for a heavy purple pheno because the urkle is true purple grape madness. I'm trying GDP for the first time and keeping a mother just in case but I doubt anything can touch the Urkle for best purple crown.
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