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:welcome: I'm new here and have found wonderful info/ pics. I'm running a new setup and welcome any help from experience, not what u heard! Check it out;
I wanna do a granulated rockwool(as soil) grow...

Double tube florescent for mom/ babies, SunLeaves Nova 21" 6.5k spectrum 8k lumens
1000 hps on big side(5x7 room), sealed light with exhaust lines and carbon filter/fan

Most needed supplies already on hand, taking air pumps and all that back to the store. "the capn" has some really nice things going and I'm copy catting his!!! I'm gonna shoot for a 6-9 week veg, flowering time will b up to plant. I'm doing from seed, white widowXbigbud-thc bomb-g13haze. Starting in rockwool,ph'd water, domed for 2-3 weeks . Transplanting 3rd week to bigger pot/granulated rockwool in place of soil.HELP TIME!!..... Adding advanced nutes 3part ph perfect along with rhino skin, voodoo juice, nirvana, carbo load, final phase, bud candy, piranha and overdrive. Not in that order and starting at 1/4 of said dose. Now, these r hydro nutes, will they work??....

I'm n no rush and want the best shyt/yield with out dwc. I'm looking for a more basic growing style but not soil. I love dwc but it can b a headache and time consumer. I'm thinkin cap'n may be on to something, pics sure sho!! My concern is the lack of air. Dwc is loaded, this granulated method shows good but would the air to roots improve it??....
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