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Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!

Grandpa Tokin

Member of the Month: Apr 2018
I use a water distiller to reclaim almost all my 151, works like a charm not sure if anybody mentioned it. Cheaper than source turbo.
The problem I had with water distillers, a basic pot still, is their low efficiency. It takes at least three passes through he distiller to achieve 85% or greater alcohol content in the distilate. A reflux column still will do this in a single pass. Take a look at Brewhaus America for pre-built columns starting at $259. You can adapt a pressure cooker for use as your kettle. You can also build your own. The instructions are at moonshine-still.com. I've mentioned using the pressure cooker as a kettle, but there are lots of other 'pressure vessels' that can be used. A hot water heater was used in my second still. My first? What would you think of seeing a propane tank being heated on a camp stove? Yes, that new propane tank was my first, and cheapest kettle ;)

PS: a good recipe for a mash to make your own ethanol is 1lb of sugar and 1 lb of cracked corn to 1 US gal of water.
You guys are way too advanced for this old dude. I should start looking this stuff up and learning something I suppose. I still do everything the hard way...:ganjamon:

I managed to get this the other day though:



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Grandpa Tokin

Member of the Month: Apr 2018
Squeezins? That where I'm headed once I can afford it. I'm tapped out for at least the next year.
Nope, this was an Everclear extract. I told ya...”hard way” or bust! :slide:

Dani smoke

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Hey can anyone please help I'm trying to make cannabis concentrate for a vape use, to basically cut out the nicotine due to nicotine impacting my health as I have a blood cancer, I'm confused to say the least I'm really starting from the bottom hear iv never ever tried to make any concentrate iv studied motocos thread alought il be wanting a thc potent oil rather than CBD, I understand to freeze my buds my iso for 12 hours to then add together and swirl, to then strain through the coffee filters I was thinking 3 times, here's where I'm confused because next I was going to be adding my oil to the rice cooker to evaporate and then add my oil to a vegetable oil bath to decarboxylation? What's the difference in just pre baking my buds to decarb to the oil in the induction pan to decarb and do both these methods make the same or is one a oil and oil a shatter I'm lost here and what's the best way because I'm going to be vaping but I want a enjoyable taste with a reasonable hit I know there's alot of questions here and most will sound daft to most people but I'm new and before I go ahead and try and make my own I need to know what's going to be the best way

Old Salt

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...I'm trying to make cannabis concentrate for a vape use...
Ejuice is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and sometimes alcohol (max 10%), with flavoring and optionally nicotine or cannabis extract added. Don't add oil to your extract. It will clog your atomizer very quickly.

I can't find a member named 'motoco' so I'm going to assume he puts the extract into a smaller dish and places that in the oil bath. This not only decarboxylates the extract, but also evaporates any remaining isopropanol. Don't skip this step as isopropanol is toxic. Disolve the extract in propylene glycol, then add as much or as little vegetable glycerine as you desire.
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