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Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!


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Hello everyone! Grandpa’s making some killer oils and I want to share the process I go through. The goal with this particular batch is to get the best I can from the material I’m using. I’m in search of trichome heads and as little green (Chlorophyll) as possible.

We want the Everclear to do its job and extract the best of the best. For the first batch, this means no shaking and just swirling the material slightly in the alcohol. This will extract more THC, terps, and goodies the plant has to offer.

With that in mind, let’s make some shatter!

*Warning! This process is extremely dangerous if you don’t take care. I am doing this in a large shop with 12 foot ceilings. I make sure there is adequate cross ventilation by keeping a window and a door open to the outside, and a small fan blowing to help circulate to the outside. This is key to not blowing your ass up! You must also ensure there are no open flames...PERIOD! Alcohol fumes are extremely volatile. Be careful damn it! I will not be responsible for you blowing your house up.

Here’s a list of the components that will be used with current US dollar prices at Amazon:

1. I use this griddle, but there are other less expensive options, $30.94: Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle, 10 x 20", Black

2. Pyrex dish, $11.09: Pyrex Basics 3 Quart Glass Oblong Baking Dish, Clear 8.9 Inch X 13.2 Inch - 3 Qt

3. Cake pan, I don’t know where I got mine, but this will do, $13.99: Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Biscuit and Brownie Pan, 11 in. x 7 in. (2-Pack)

4. Stainless strainer, $8.99: CHICHIC Set of 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Fine Strainers Tea Fine Y Mesh Strainers Juice Egg Filter 3 Sieve Colander Sets Wire Filter Mesh for Tea Coffee Food Rice Vegetable with Handle

5. Large mason jars. I use these because they are on-hand, I usually buy these at Walmart, $6.00: 1 Ball 64oz Wide Mouth Half Gallon Mason Jar

6. Unbleached cone coffee filters, the #4s fit the wide mouth mason jars well, $3.99: Melitta No. 4 Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, 100 Count

7. Silicon pad, $11.00: Oil Slick Duo Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone Pads, Set of 2, 3.25x4.5" Pads

8. Razor blades.

9. Gloves. It’s sticky-icky!

Please shop around. You can probably find everything cheaper!

The first things I do is gather all my materials. I put the cake pan on the griddle, and put hot water in the cake pan. This is the beginning of a diy double boiler. I turn on the griddle to keep the water hot.

After that I gather the weed, alcohol, mason jars, and filters to begin the process. Today I’m using some fresh frozen bud from my last harvest. The strain is called Amherst Sour Diesel and the seed came from Humbolt.

I then put the material in a mason jar and cover the weed with the Everclear:

I put the lid on the mason jar and let the alcohol and weed just sit for about 15-30 seconds. Then, I slowly swirl (not shaking; remember, we are going for the best of the best here) for another 20-30 seconds.

The jar then gets dumped into my stainless strainer. I sit the strainer over a plastic Folgers Coffee container to capture the goodness (naturally it’s been cleaned beforehand and there’s no coffee in it). :tokin:

Then starts the most annoying part for me and that’s filtering. I simply pour the mixture from the Folgers coffee container threw a coffee filter that’s sitting in the mason jar. I completely filter the mixture at least 2 times, depending on what it looks like. Sometimes I’ll filter 3 times.

It takes a little while to complete, but be patient. I don’t squeeze the living shit out of filters either. When it’s filtered it’s filtered. No need to dick with it. I will tap on the filter at times if it seems to slow down too much. Remember the idea is to capture the best!

The mixture will look slightly different from strain to strain, whether it fresh frozen, bud or trim, and naturally how well the plant was grown, and when it was harvested. The main thing I look for is a very light golden yellow. A good piss color...

Next, it’s time to help evaporate off the alcohol with the diy double boiler. This is where it can be dangerous. The evaporation process will make dangerous fumes. No smoking! Keep your area ventilated.

I pour the mix into the Pyrex and place it in the cake pan with hot water. I keep the griddle heat at a medium to medium-low heat (on my griddle, 1 is low and 8 is full high. I keep it at about 3.5-4).

At that heat, it takes about 1.5 hours to cook off most of the alcohol. Alcohol will boil faster than water so we are looking for that sweet spot—not boiling but hot enough to evaporate. In my experience, keeping the temps of the mixture below 140F is the best. The slower the better to keep as many terpines as possible. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

You will be able to see as the mixture is rendered down to the goodness. I use razor blades to scrape and collect onto a silicone pad. It takes awhile and is very sticky, but so satisfying. At least to me.

Once it’s all collected, I sandwich it between two silicone pads and place the pads on the warm Pyrex to help smash it flat.

Then, it goes directly into the freezer while I clean up my stuff and put everything away. Here’s what it looks like coming right out of the freezer.

Normally, I’ll let it sit in a drawer, at room temperature, for a few days. This allows for more alcohol to be evaporated, if there’s any left, while also making it more stable. In just a short time it will be stable enough to pickup and handle. This is what it looks like after 8 hours:

I wish we had smellavision! There’s a strong pepper and spice smell with a hint of pine and a fruit that I can’t put my finger on. It tastes like a gummy bear on steroids... :tokin:

It can be dabbed immediately, and I do it all the time. It’s just better if you let it “cure,” for lack of a better word, for a few days. In this particular case, I’m going to use it for making canna coconut oil capsules... I’ll post those pictures here...as soon as it gets done.

Well, that’s Grandpa’s Everclear shatter tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, SAFETY FIRST! Peace out!


Edit: More safety tips.

1. Razor blades are very sharp.
2. Please be cautious and don’t run with scissors.
3. Wrap that rascal!
Could I inquire about the yield, for 1 z of weed, how many ml of shatter?

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Could I inquire about the yield, for 1 z of weed, how many ml of shatter?
That’s a really tough question bud. There are so many variables it’s hard to guess. Is it trim, or nugs? What kind of weed? Even how it was grown. If I had to guess however, I’d say you should be able to get close to a 10% return or higher.


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Thank you for this GT. :5:

Grandpa Tokin

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Hi Grandpa! I have a qt mason jar about 1/3 full of Everclear tincture from weed that i forgot to decarb first. Oh crap moment.

It's been sitting on a dark shelf for several weeks. Can i decarb in glass jar or dish in oven? What temp for how long?
It's for my husband and he can't light up with his lungs. TY gramps. :green_heart:
I would not do it in the oven. The fumes may still be volatile. You can do a double-boiler on very low heat with a jar and a pan of water. Alcohol will evap and boil before water. You need adequate ventilation though and NO open flame.


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That's the problem Grandpa. We have a dual fuel stove. Gas top and electric convection oven. Holy shit I could have blown up the gas top above the oven!! That's why I ask first. My brain is on overload too often and I mix up the information.

If I can borrow a rice cooker, would that work? Or an elec hot plate? We have a griddle like yours and a crock pot.

Can I reduce and decarb all in one shot? A guy at a dispensary said he decarbs in a vacumn seal bag and boils it, but he's never used Everclear.

Any advice is welcomed. And ty guys :green_heart:


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Alcohol reduction is done just below the boiling point of alcohol, or around 170ºF, so you will need to decarb after that.
Ooh I'll have to check my first pic, but I think I may be able to use the crock pot for the reduction! I think that thermometer got up to 170? When I get it like honey, how long for an oven decarb? Temp?

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Ooh I'll have to check my first pic, but I think I may be able to use the crock pot for the reduction! I think that thermometer got up to 170? When I get it like honey, how long for an oven decarb? Temp?
Making RSO is a distillation process. You boil off the alcohol, and as the percentage of alcohol decreases the temperature will rise to the level needed to decarboxylate the RSO. It usually is done as a continuous process, with the heat limited so that the temperature does not rise above about 230°F/110°C. At this point the water in the plant fluids, and the water produced by the decarboxylation is boiled off. This is what causes the bubbles in the soon to be RSO. When the bubbles stop, you have finished the reduction/decarboxylation process.

The safest way to boil off the alcohol is to use a distiller and re-liquefy the alcohol vapors with a condenser. Very few use this method. The next safest method is to use controlled electric heat outdoors. Most folks use this method with a rice cooker or hot plate, with temperature control. Another temperature controlled device that would work is an electric deep fat fryer set no higher than 240°F/115°C. The keys to safety are do not use an open flame, and do this outside, away from buildings and flammable materials with a fan blowing across the pot to disperse the explosive alcohol vapors.

So, your crockpot can be used, as well as a rice cooker, deep fat fryer, or hot plate if you can boil water with it, and control or limit the temperature. There is no need for a separate decarboxylation step, as it is just a continuation of the reduction process.
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