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Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!


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Hey Grandpa :48: I was away for a while and still trying to catch up. Nice dabs as usual here :bravo:

I was harvesting my Dinafem Super Silver yesterday and tried something new. I've been extracting with butane, ethanol, dry ice and some other stuff for a few years and my first choice is ethanol because of safety. As we all know things get sticky on the harvest day and normally I prefer to carve the resin from my hands to make some charas to lift my mood up on that exhausting day. This time I poured some ethanol from the freezer into a wide glass and soaked my sticky hands in it. As I expected, cold ethanol took all of the stuff with gentle rubbing.

I am now waiting for the ethanol to evaporate(I don't use heat, only some wind) but let me share the result from one of the previous tests. I dank my hands into a glass full of cold ethanol after trimming(I had to because of the high RH) on sixth week of flowering for my Purple Punch. That plant is a beast and I got 0.2g of extract by defoliating for 5 minutes in the end. It felt great to smoke that because we can't find decent weed due to lockdown. I filled my stash now and I think I won't be in trouble anymore :lot-o-toke: Anyways, here is how that puppy looks;

And here is another cold ethanol extract from previous tests. I put my jars and grinders in freezer with turbo setting and poured cold ethanol in them. I collected the material on the glass by shaking the eth. and transferring to the next jar to repeat the same step. In the end, that one weighted 0.4g and suddenly I realised that I haven't been cleaning these jars for almost 6 years :laugh:

That one was more glassy. Here is how it looks;



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I am back with the Super Silver oil extracted from my hands :laugh: With a glasslike texture this puppy weighted 0.56 grams and now in a single joint with some dry Purple Punch nugs and tobacco. I'll blaze that one after posting this.

Peace and happy dabbing folks :48:



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Has anyone mixed FECO/Coconut Oil with Olive Oil Extraction Instant pot method?

I have 24 grams of FECO I made this weekend that I decarbed post extraction @ 235 F, 4 plus hours till completely smooth surface. While still warm I added 10 X Coconut oil (240 grams) with one tablespoon of Sunflower Liquid Lecithin. This was added back @ 235 F for about two hours till two oils blended together to smooth again. Silicone bowl on the left is the FECO/Coconut Oil blend after the 2 hours back in the oven. Now the story of the larger Silicone bowl on the right!


The bowl on the right is a mixture of one of my two Instant Pot method, 390 grams Olive oil to 28 grams of buds, with Sunflower Liquid Lecithin added. This was made 3 weeks ago, strained/filtered, kept in sealed mason jar since, well I made about dozen OO caps. Two is a good night time dose.
To this I added 15 grams of Barneys Farm LSD Rosin and 13 grams of BF's G13 Haze. These are two of the best Rosins I have made and that finishes them off. :( Can't vape anymore so will be going into caps. Back to the meaning of this post.
I then put this mixture, Canna oil/non-decarbed Rosin, into the oven @235 till the two Rosins had totally decarbed and blended, about 2.5 or so hours. Both have been in the oven cooling down slowly.

Since both batches, FECO/Coconut Oil and Instant Pot Oil plus the Rosins will be made into caps, gummies and who know what, should I mix the two oils together? I will not mix them until each has be tested on it's own merit. My two testers are my GF and my assistant. Then they will be vacuumed sealed in jars and stored for a few weeks to age.

Have read that the more strains you can add to your medicine the better. This blend will have 4 high Indica strains and two hybrid strains, both Sativa dom stains. This could be some spectacular shit.

*** FECO was made with a blend of Big Buddha Cheese, BF's Triple Cheese, BF's Ayahuasca Purple and Original Skunk #1

*** Instant Pot oil was made with BF's Triple Cheese and Ayahuasca Purple. This was blended with 28 grams of the Rosin @ approx average Rosin strength of 50 to 70 %.

Ok I know the Instant pot one works. I had it in the chiller for the past three weeks and when I was scraping it into the warm IP oil I cleaned the chopstick by sucking on it.

It has taken me 3.5 hours to write this!

Damn, I love science and my medicine!


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oday I did 10 zips washed with 9.25 liters of 190 proof, got just under 8 liter of wash. Putting them in cooler with dry ice to winterize for the next 24 to 36 hours. When it's finished winterizing I will put it in my distiller to evaporite and recapture as much alcohol as possible. I usually get about 75 to 80% recovery. After distilling I will decarb in the oven at 235 to 245 F. Hope to get 50 plus gram of oil off this batch.
Here are two of the bottles with wash in them. One was made with a mix of Triple Cheese on the right and LSD and G13 Haze on the left. I will end up mixing the two when I distill.

20200803_165920 (2).jpg

I have 3.25 zips of Big Buddha Cheese, 2.25 zips of G13 Haze, 2 zips of Original Skunk #1, about 10 zips of Triple Cheese and 2.5 zips of Ayahuasca Purple to add to the next batch of FECO and CannaButter.

Have about 1.75 pounds of CannaButter on hand now. I found a recipe for CannaButter gummies and want to try that next. I love my 00 caps but my GF likes gummies.
Also have enough CannaButter to make a number of batches of edibles.

Just started my new grow, only three plants germed but will do my best with them. Wanted to do a 5 plant vertical grow so I will take clones from this horizontal grow for my springtime grow and will do a vertical grow then.


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Finished the FECO yesterday. Got 43 grams out of the 10 zips of mixed buds. Decarbed after distillation and in a silicone tub in the freezer. That is about my average yield for FECO, 60 to 80 grams per pound of buds. With this batch I am going to make some 1 FECO to 5 Coconut oil caps and some gummies.
So last night, after I let it completely cool I poured it into the tub and cleaned out the silicone bowl that I decarbed the FECO wash with a spatula and my fingers. I had already taken my two night times caps and man did I get a good buzz on. Kept me up till about 1 AM listening to music.

I also made 60 more caps from the 1 - 10, FECO - Coconut oil, I made last week. That gives me 210 caps, and I still have enough of what I made for approx. 250 more caps.
20200807_151856.jpg 20200807_152032.jpg
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