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Grandpa Likes To Squeeze Stuff: Solventless Extracts, Rosin, Pressed Here!


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it came
had a couple friends round
and had a squish party lol
forgot to take many pics lol dabbin blazed

fun fun fun

started with some practice runs with some of the horrible bush haze from my first grow, buds maybe 1-2months, jut wanted to test and familiarise.
didnt get much return, the bud lacks in the trich department lol ( long story revegged auto bag seed crap haha) nice amber colour though, will be good for summit lol
then tried some of the critical, which is better flower for sure lol defo a better hit too, though has a slight planty taste,
both around 4.5g pucks, ran at 100c for 5mins.

then tried 2.1g gas and 2.1g strawberry haze, ran together, at 140c for 40second..
this was by far the best run, nice return, we didnt weigh any, just chucked to fridge for 10mins then hit it lol
after being in the fridge this batxh came ot nice thick wax, and the taste was beautiful, maybe had a sligtly to big a hit haha was bashed up after that one for a while lol
all in all good fun, need to practice a bit my technique; work out the best method; and squish some more lol
will get some better pics next time.whats in the pot is the leftovers from each run puta the fridge, prolly threw a lot away too lol but from the shit batch not the nicer runs.. allgood.


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That’s awesome! :woohoo:
yep yep lol
couple hours later, still monged, have been out since, came home eaten, still monged to heaven and the girls just woke up and need feeding..
i want to sleeeeeep o_O


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irie lion

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Alaskan Purple @ 200.
Yeah, just look at that! :3:

With C99xBB for comparison.
i have an alaskan midflower hehe possibly two .. possible mix up lol

looks lush

nt that i can see much with these
That might have been me. E-juice is vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavorings. Alcohol is sometimes present as a solvent for the flavorings or added to increase the throat hit. It may or may not have nicotine added. Vegetable glycerine doesn't flow well, especially at lower temperatures, so propylene glycol is used.

Some new atomizers have come out that will handle more viscous liquids. The Vaporesso CCELL comes to mind. Other than those, a dripper would work well. You might also want to check out our sponsor CCELL. Some of their units look to be re-fill able, and have the standard 510 threads used in vaping.
thank you for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandpa Tokin

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Ahoy my friend GT,
Only a fellow Marine should postulate that term of endearment.
Are you a leatherneck?
If not, remind me after you finish teaching me that I must run you clean through.
Semper Fi :peace:
I was Army...not to be confused with a short-bus-window-licker. But hey, I have many window-licker friends and I love them. :19::love:

Just kidding! Glad you’re here @Maritimer

Here’s something for everyone. GSC squished at 195F for 3.5 minutes. Not full pressure. Enjoy!

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