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Grandpa Tokin

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Hola folks...had a buddy drop by the house a few weeks ago with a little dulytek press...of course by the end of the evening I was hooked on the squish...

Having been lucky enuff to pull off a decent organic outdoor crop in my legal state (man progress can b great) which gave me a good amount of tasty product to play with, I decided I needed a press. Started pouring over the forums and with a limited budget and NO technical/manual skills to speak of, decided to order up the dabpress 3x7 caged plates....didn’t want to be worrying/messing with keeping hot plates in alignment and these looked like a pretty reasonable product at a good price.

To the question for you experienced pressers, how important is a gauge on the hydraulic pump? From reading a lot of the posts, my thought is that it would be critical to watch pressure change/drop as u heat the bag/puck so u can steadily reapply pressure to keep rosin flowing smoothly without pushing too hard and blowing out the material into the rosin but I hear a lot of guys recommending the harbor freight presses that don’t have gauges...am I overthinking the necessity/usefulness of a gauge?

Along those lines I have read folks suggesting not to go under the 20 ton press...if I was pressing a half oz or so on the 3x7 plates (if that’s not overloading them) would a 10 ton press (like the Dake with gauge) have enough pressure to really do the job? What type or quantity of material would I need to press to make it feel like the 10 ton is not adequate?

Thanks in advance for the help...
Quick update in case anyone is looking for a press....found a 25% off cyber Monday sale on the Dake ten ton bench press with gauge (my understanding is Dake makes excellent presses)...$292 & free shipping off Zoro site so bit the bullet n went with the 10T instead of 20T...sorry couldn’t wait for any feedback but sale ended tonite...now I am off to sit in front of living room window waiting for the dang delivery truck....
Sorry, I didn’t see this till now. I don’t know why I didn’t get a notification. Anyway, I’m glad you caught the squeeze bug. It’s addicting for sure. I hope it all goes well. BTW, a 10 ton is sufficient IMO. I already had the press so it wasn’t a question for me. Anyway, good luck, and let us know how it goes.

So want to do this !! Just sayin
You can. Just be careful...and don’t run with scissors! :ganjamon:

A link to the PID setup would be real nice.
The schematic that came with my PID was good enough for me to figure out what went where. I’m no electrician by any means. I know enough to be dangerous...but this was pretty easy.

I'll be building mine for Xmas! using greengene's pid relay setup with 3x6 plates and a 6 ton (75 bucks) a-frame from Harbor freight.
just put together the press :) 63 bucks @ harbor freight