Grandpa makes some EVOO caps with Rosin

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Grandpa Tokin

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Hello all. Thought I would share how I just made some Extra Virgin Olive Oil capsules with Rosin. I’ve had the Rosin sitting in a container for a month or more just waiting for an opportunity to try this. Here’s a few pictures of how the Rosin was made, but this tutorial is not about squeezing bud per say:

I weighed the Rosin and it came to .96 so almost a full gram:

I placed the Rosin in my little toaster oven at 250F/121C to decarb (approximately 15 minutes or until the Rosin stops bubbling) while I gathered the EVOO, Lecithin, etc:

I added 3/4 cup of EVOO and one tsp of Lecithin to a small pot and mixed:

Once the Rosin was decarbed (no bubbling) I carefully added it to the EVOO and mixed completely on low heat:

The last step was to fill some capsules, but it could be used however you see fit. I’ll try some cooking recipes at some point.

I took one capsule immediately after they were finished (about an hour ago) and I’m sitting here typing with a very nice mellow buzz. It’s mostly body at the moment, which is what I wanted, but I can feel a creep. Not overwhelming and very pleasant. I haven’t had any cannabis in several weeks so this is definitely a nice mellow way to reintroduce it to my system. It’s also heart healthy...LOL!



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Dude stoked you could get some relief in cannabis form. Not sure I would condone much smoking with the recently split chest so this I great to see dude! Really good to see you getting back to it in one form or another.

Gonna try my hand at some caps when I get home. Yeah I didnt mention I'm in Wa. Haven't cause Its not important. Good to see you getting back to yourself man.