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Old Salt

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Grandpa woke up sick...Debbie Downer!

Its just a cold I’m sure but I hate being sick. Hate it!
You'd think that at our ages we'd have fought off enough disease to have our immunity cards. Then again, at our age we may have forgotten where we put them. :19:


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Grandpa Tokin

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Hope your feeling better soon Grandpa. Swinging through to drop some of your glue pics. Just jarred up around 20 zips. How long do you wait to start pressing? Stems are snapping but it is still fresh.
20 zips! How many plants to get that number? That’s a nice haul.

I start squishin as soon as it’s dry. Yummy!

Van Stank

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Grandpa Tokin

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Hey Gramps...hope you are feeling better bud.
Thanks! I’m feeling much better. I’m still sick, but it’s not that bad. Coughing, congestion, sniffles and the whole works, but I don’t feel like it’s killing me. I just need to wait it out. I’m still delicate though. :3:

I squished a little BCP. :woohoo:



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I gotsta get me some GG4

Who has the best seeds of it, breeder wise????
Lot's of people have S1's. I think ethos has a BX3 fem. It's called Ethos Glue RBx3. Mycotek has a GG4 Bx7 regs, that were 250 a pack and sold out in 1 day. I am pretty sure he is releasing them again at some point. He also has some BX3, 4, 5 etc. Stuff, but again sold out alot.

West Hippie

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I got a wild hair and just did 5 sets of 20 squats each. Had to blow my nose a few times, but overall I feel fairly good. Now I may just reward myself with a dab. :woohoo:
We need to get Willie on dabs , I feel so much better not smoking . You and the others on the rosin and oil thread were and are great help !
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