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If the Dispensary is "keeping it's secrets" as you put it I doubt I would buy it personally, I might in Flower form if they said "we don't know what it is a hybrid of or the grower/breeder is keeping it a secret" (as there is a few where the breeder tries to keep it a secret), but I don't see me paying the prices for Clones or even Seeds for that matter if it's a "mystery strain". And I'm not even Medical and have certain narrower needs although I have certain narrower wants far as the high goes in my current life situation, coupled with if I run into any issues growing something it is nice to be able to search and see if it is a common problem (prone to hermie, doesn't like strong/weak nutes, etc....), as personally I really hate the "flying blind" so to speak.


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Dwight has a lot of good points. My thinking on clones is slightly different. You would think that if they took the time to clone a plant is has to be a great pheno of whatever the strain is. Meaning even if you have not heard of it it should be great. Why clone mediocre plants.

That doesn't mean that they are not just selling all the branches they trim off shaping the plants they put into flower. That could very well be the case. So then you are back to it is better to not take the chance.

You should check them. If you can build a relationship with them and know their clones are worthy than it is a great fallback at least. For a lot of growers a good supply of trustworthy clones is all they need. I would quit ordering genetics if the right situation came along.
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