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Grapefruit Haze

Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
Strain Name: Grapefruit Haze

From: River Valley Collective

When: May 2011

Grade: B-

Type: Sativa

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Medium green with lots of orange hairs...just average trich coverage

Smell: Mainly a fresh/haze scent

Taste: Typical cannabis flavor, with a slight citrus flavor

Buzz Type: Mildly Cerebral...not very intense

Buzz Length: 1.0-1.5 hrs +/-

Best Medicinal Use: Daytime activity

Overall: This strain was a surprise — looked pretty good, but was a disappointment for the buzz, smell, and taste. The buzz was fairly mild, leaving me full of energy and slightly spacy. The lack of intensity and other traits left me wondering if this was typical of the strain or just a bad grow. Overall, Grapefruit Haze get's placed into the "BTDT" category (Been There, Done That)...and the remaining nugs from this sample tossed into my cooking supplies.










New Member
How sad! I came in here hoping this was going to be a wonderful tasting, knock out haze!
I would be scared if I saw a C rating or lower on one of your reviews.
It seems like we are overly harsh parents "YOU GOT AN B-?! Hell no you cant goto the prom!...er, pipe"
Glad you found a good use for it, even so-so stuff is good in edible form.

Jerry The Mouse

New Member
Wow nice pics!!!


New Member
A beautiful blend of fruity and spicy flavors with a very cerebral high, has a slight hint of grapefruit that is overpowered by haze. The haze smell is kind of sweet, followed by a leafy smell. It has a very blend taste with a tiny hint of citrus fruit overpowered by a light burnt leaf taste. This strain has a very energetic and concentrated effect. Good strain to use during the day when lots of tasks need to be completed.
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