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Grass makes gas?


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Yeah, bio deasle. Yet another reason why they should allow comercial hemp to be grown and yet another reason why it wont happen. Our country is a huge consumer of petrolium products and if they were to grow hemp, a renewable resource, people like presedent AssHat would lose out.


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only certain cars would be able to use it. and it doesnt help that almost everyone in america thinks they have to own a gas guzzling suv.


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I think Ethenol is basically running your car on Alcohaul, or the same principle. In this case you would have to be carefull because if your car is fule injected then you cannot run it because your injectors will over heat due to the fact that they are cooled by the gas going through them. If you have a carburated car I think you have to put different jets in the carb. I'm not %100 on all this but I think it is all pretty accurate if ethenol is infact like alcohaul in the automotive respect.
How many acres of industrial hemp does it take to create enough gas to power our cars worldwide? Anyone have the numbers on this? I wanted to use this in a debate the other day, but I didn't have the hard #'s.


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i wouldnt think from weed plants you'd be able to get good enough, gas significant to your gastank to drive around for a good amount of time, i don't know though. If you cant smoke the buds after either then thats just wack waste of weed.

PLUSS we've got a ton of gas lol we don't got to worry yet.


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We don't have that much gass, I mean we do and things are becomming more efficient so it will last longer and longer but we should look at alternative fules to conserve the natural resources even more. In the future we could use crude oil or natural gas for something much better, or maybe even a machine so efficient it only needs an Ounce of gas to power a rocket, who knows.

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Weed grows on its own in massive crops all over asia and parts of Europe. Like.. weeds. 10 feet tall and acres wide. Without any human intervention.

For the record, ANY plant can make ethenol. Cellulose is all that is needed.

Most cars already run dual-fuel engines. They can run on petrol and ethenol. The only cars that can't use ethyl alchohol based fuels are diesel. And hemp seed oil can be used to make biodiesel.

So hemp can be used to power all cars in the near future.

And for whoever made the point about direct injection, a less crude form of biodiesel can be used for feul injected cars. While indirectly injected engines will work fine on the ethenol.


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This is a pet topic for me. Hemp is the #1 source for biomass fuel: here's the short, and I'll provide some reference for and against. Hemp grows an incredible amount of cellulose over a short period of time and with more sunlight you get more material, water and irrigation technologies can also serve to reduce water used (energy input) volume to increase the ration of variation to output.

Now you take those stalks you grew and put them into a Digester (an industrial-sized vaporizer that collects gasses given off from heating material - including methanol, also measuring the energy used to heat the material) and measure that amount of methanol you have.

Now do the same thing with what the 'man' wants to use because hemp is so off-limits to these power companies; they use things like corn, eucalyptus, cattails, flax, sisal, even pondscum... hemp still rocks the ratio of energy input:eek:utput. Okay, that's my base knowledge of the material. Lynn Osburn is the one doing the research, drawing out the numbers, and refutes those who think it can be done with other 'less-controversial' material... here's the list of reference

Chapter 9: Biomass for Energy Abundance
Chapter 9: Family Farms or Fossil Fuels
ENERGY FARMING IN AMERICA, A practical answer to America's farming, energy and environmental crises
Biomass Resources for Energy and Industry

Dig that!!!


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yea most the time's i spoke i end up swollowing the smoke and farting.


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hemp can save the planet!:allgood:
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