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Grayhawk Bubblelicious Second Set - CFLs


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Well started my second set of first time growing. Yep a new person. Anyway i have 3 seeds left of Bubblelicious strain from nirvana shop. First set grew tall and into flowering stage and from great help here and a lot of questions what, how, when, i come to realize just let them grow and crop next set to be bushy instead of growing tall. :cheer:

I put few misc. seeds in same batch so i can experiment on supper cropping. Better i do that than mess up 80.00 pack seeds after shipping. its too expensive to order. I know ill have a problem finding female to cut for colons. Plus i haven't really perfected the cloning yet. Been trying that out on tomatoes plants. lol Hey better them than my babies.. LMAO. :thumb:

Planted from seeds April 7th. topped them today. so more stems will start. and hopefully get them to grow bushy. But we going to give it our best shot.

We have 7200 lumens of CFLS and 3 fluorescents 18 inches. putting out another 1200 lumens
I planning on getting 2 more red in color bulbs for flowering stage this weekend. to add to the grow box.
grow box is 24x24x56

First grow of this strain was tall (5ft) and kinda gaps between buds and next stem sprouts. So we going to do alittle different now. we topped them today (day7) seedlings.

will keep you posted.


White Strain

Stoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)

Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks

Average Yield
350 - 450 g/m² in SOG

Sweet, Smooth

Plant Height


Plant Type
Predominantly Indica


old plants are at flowering stage now. located at
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you can notice there tall and gaps between buds.


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Re: Grayhawk Bubblelicious second Set. CFLs

Good luck and how close ur your light to your plants cause that'll either make it bushier or long with few nodes Idk though I like the in between not to streched where I don't have many bud sites or not so bushy my light can penetrat. Subbed

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