Graytail's Cupwinners in High Brix Soil - 4x4 - 600W HPS - Perpetual

Congrats Gray...
:blunt: Buzzy buzz buzzzzz ...

I can (and do) smoke this stuff all day! :blunt:

And sheesh, at a consistent 3 zs for sub-30 inch plants, it's a winner - a snap to grow. Mold resistant, too. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Last up will be the accidental cross with a Cotton Candy male. That one has just finished its stall and is restarting bloom, three weeks to go if she makes it - might hermie - dad did. If not, she's still lookin' good right now - nice hard fragrant nugs - the kind that bring you back for another look ... and another ... hmm ... :cheesygrinsmiley: ... might be sumpin decent.


Very nice this one :goodjob:
Here's an update for CCC:

The leaves are a bit damaged but it's making good buds. :cheesygrinsmiley: This has an odd aroma, musky sweet, kinda like leather - anyone run across that before?

CCC - 96 days old - 45 days 12/12 - 33 days since pistils - brix 12/13





Subscribed Graytail, I don't think I'm going to read the 104 pages but I will at the very least skim each page. See you in awhile.
Another great bud :goodjob:
Beautiful plant!...
Hey Gray...what's goin on bro? You gonna be busy soon ,trimmin and stuff. Started curing my MK Ultra last night. The big pots ,doc's stuff and new led lighting came thru! 447 grms.(15.96 oz's.) Two plants. Just up potted two more one month old,into the big pots. Gonna go with these two MK Ultra's ,then switch over to Mazar for another go with first run soil again. This MK is just incredible...i will for sure do it again,and give this strain a big thumbs up! Anyhow ,gotta book! Cheers.:tokin:
Well, as it turns out, I had to chop Cotton Candy x Carnival today. It was starting to get mold, and it's been looking finished for a week anyway. This is an amazing strain. It was only blooming for 5.5 weeks, 7 weeks from the flip. I could have harvested it a week ago. :thedoubletake:

So here are the last pics. She was absolutely dripping sticky messy, and her brix crept up to 13/14. She smells like fresh suede or soaped leather. :blunt:

CCC - 111 days old - 48 days 12/12 - 36 days since pistils - brix 13/14






Brother! Man you just keep pumping out the harvests! What's your environment like in the summer and are you still using 7 gal containers? Since switching to bigger pots as well as really dialing in my room's temp, co2 and RH I'm seeing incredible plant health. whitefly problem and mold sucks bro sorry I'd be giving that room a real good clean, maybe get a sulfur burner if you don't have one already? I know how it's hard to break the cycle but I'm sure you can straighten everything out and keep it going! It's incredible how your perpetual runs I haven't accomplished monthly harvests yet, but I think I'm close. Good luck brother may happy sticky plants come your way!
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