Graytail's Cupwinners in High Brix Soil - 4x4 - 600W HPS - Perpetual

Loving the discussion about LIVING.

One of the main reasons I'm moving to Uruguay is because of the way they live. They LIVE. Rich, poor.....they all live well.

Nothing is open before 10AM, most places open at noon. Most people go to sleep at 1-2 AM and wake up about 10AM. Family dinners are small parties....parties are like large family dinners....responsible drinking, toking, BBQ, eating, dancing and laughing pretty much 4-5 days a week is the norm.

Most folks work on farms or in agriculture once you get out of the biggest city. They call it La Pura Vida, the Pure Life. Low tech, high comfort, low stress, GREAT FOOD.....very little media blaring at you. Zero police crap.

You can feel the difference! We should all try to shake off the madness, the extra 20 hours of work per week only to pay's time to LIVE. Less anger too. Very healthy.

Sounds like south of Italy, man... minus mafia :)
All old people say that. :cheesygrinsmiley:

It's not the noise (but it is :cheesygrinsmiley: ) it's ... sheesh, what's the point? It takes longer to text. And why are they watching something on the phone? How many hours of each workday are wasted this way now, in this century? Hours got wasted before, but I don't think the % was as high as it is now.

I order stuff from my computer, sure, I like tech, it's great, it's efficient. If I had to do it while I was moving around, ok, fine, I'd get a smart phone. Oddly enough, I almost never need to. I don't get it. How come everyone else does?

The answer is that they don't, so I don't get that either. Why? Old men seem to be confused a lot. :straightface:

Bro...I had one of my nephews working for me a few years back, he was basically on his phone 80% of the day, even after me telling him I didn't want to see it. So he walked by texting someone and I snatched that thing right out of his hand. Bro he was about to cry. I told him I'd deep fry it the next time I saw it. I don't get it either.

My phone is on silent 100% of the time, I never answer it. I also regularly forget to charge it.

If you have an android, google tracks your every move. You can go and watch where you went on any certain day. I also forget to bring it with me places unless I know I am going to sit and be bored. Life was so much simpler before we could be contacted everywhere.
Hey D... how's it goin eh? I want the last century back as well. Get this...they invented cell phones and computers with the hope of making things easier for all,but have ya noticed how much of a hurry everyone seems to be in? Life has gotten too fast...we should all just relax and slow the fuck down and smell the herb! Cheers D.:high-five:

When I lived in the UK and old man that came into the pub every day told me something that stuck with me all these years. He said "do you want to know the problem with america?", "sure" I said. He continued to tell me that..."you guys are always in a hurry to go nowhere, you live in a hurry up and wait society". I pondered it for a few minutes. He is right....
Ya eh Curs!! That old guy was 100% correct.I work at a local university up here and you wouldn't believe it! Just walking around campus ,avoiding kids doing something on their phone is a challenge. I want to get a shirt that says "I don't yield to texters":laughtwo:My 13 yr. old son just got a smart phone a few weeks ago ,and already relies on it way tooooo much! These days kids would rather text ,than talk to their buddies....that's sad I think. When we were kids we would be out playing hockey ,baseball,football,or just messin around in the woods or riding our bikes.These days when you drive around , you see no kids......where are they?They're all inside playing video games or on they're smart phone ....very sad for me to see. At least my 7 yr. old still likes to play! Cheers bro!:high-five:
It may be difficult for a lot of us older folk to relate to but it's a sign of the times. We now live in a computer age. Just think, 20 or 30 years ago we wouldn't all be the cyber friends we are now here on 420.
yeah, if I think about it I never met such good friends online like in normal life growing almost all your life with some people, but some came pretty close :) I also like what early cyberculture was fighting for, and even if it blew over in an obsessive need for connection on which you can make a lot of dough, well... here we are ::bigtoke: :laughtwo:
Graytail, I posted this on a couple of your Fellowship members threads :)
Maybe one day we can see a 'Top Chef' like grow- where you, Doc, Curso, SGA, Tavosvo, etc., "The Fellowship Of the HB Kit", all grow the same plant, preferably from seed, at same time, and we see the Masters do their thing.
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Cotton Candy is dried and jarred and yielded 36 grams, 1.27 ounces over 111 days = 0.324 grams per day.

Not so great. It sure illustrates the value of the final 2-3 weeks. I had to take this one 2 weeks early.

CCC - 111 days old - 48 days 12/12 - 36 days since pistils - brix 13/14 - Harvest





these are some nice pics!! good looking meds :)
Ah, the Cotton Candy x Carnival. :cheesygrinsmiley:

It was pretty darned good, actually. It has a lot of the Carnival in it, so it has a very good punch and a strongly sativa high. It also has some of that sweet Cotton Candy taste to it.

It was a good cross. :thumb:

If I wasn't such a pot snob I'd be delighted. But Carnival itself is better, so CCC stays in the jar for now. :cheesygrinsmiley: In fact, I just checked it and the Boveda was getting a little dry, so I swapped it out - thanks for prompting me to check. :laughtwo:
how goes it man?
curious, are you still using the B62's? I hear they make ones with lower RH now. that sounds better. the 62's kept things a little to moist for my liking.

I guess ill go look on the boveda web page now, too.
I have been using less of the 62s than it calls for until I can get new ones. My big vaults call for 4 packs but I only use 2 or 3 and its not quite as damp. I have also been opening them once a day I imagine over time it would build up evenn with less packs.
I know this is a completed journal Gray but I had to come back & congratulate you. Your titles are starting to look like a portfolio.
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