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Great to meet other potheads - weed saved my life


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My name is Anthony and I have been a pothead for 11 years. Came from a family of a long line of alchoholics. Cousin died drunk driving and my father died of a failed liver from drinking.

When I was young..I HATED alchohol. Swore never to start. By 30 - I was drinking daily and it was affecting my work, my life, everything.

Joined A/A and 12 steps. Go off booze..back on again..then off. Needed it at the end of each day to deal with stress - I thought I could not survive without it. I had friends that smoked weed - but back in the day..I thought it was a gateway drug and avoided it.

At 35 - my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Saw how chemo destroys the body - he couldn't eat...was taking all kinds of meds to help with pain and nausea. Nothing helped much. He ultimately died of a failed liver before cancer could claim him. Drank until the end.

Somehow someone in the family suggested cannabis to help with his symptoms. I will tell you first hand - it HELPED HIM. My opinion of marijuana changed after that.

It helped my dad..it has helped me stay away from booze. Have not had a drink for 6 years.

I believe weed is a gift god gave us. Somewhere along the line..it got thrown in and lumped in with other drugs. But it's not.

My life has never been better since I have started smoking. I'm a banker at a conservative company..and cant really share my experiences. They may not understand.

I'm glad there is a site so I don't feel so 'alone' as a 40 something pothead. Thanks to whoever runs this site! You do a great job.

Glad to meet everyone! and smoke up!!!!:cheer:


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Greetings Anthony! We are very glad you've joined us here at the number one site dedicated to raising awareness and fighting prohibition of cannabis worldwide


Your testimony really speaks to the benefits of MMJ. I have a friend who was afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a result of a flu shot and he calls himself an 'herbalist', which I kind of like :)

If you have any questions, try the FAQs forum. But if you check out the New Member Start Links thread I think you'll have a pretty good handle on the site and what you need to know to get yourself 'up and rolling' so to speak. :high-five:

Thanks for joining and :welcome:


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Since my dad. My whole family's opinion of Marijuana has changed as well. Most of my family are Republicans (not trying to be political..I'm neither Republican or Democrat and don't like politics at all). - but it's funny at Easter hearing my 60 something aunt with the sprayed hair and the Romney Sticker still on her car talking about signing a petition supporting medical cannabis (she's a nurse). Or my mother (god love her)..talking about taking a trip out west to visit my cousin who works in Durango, CO last week and I mention - he's probably going to smoke..and she goes...so..that's better that than drinking!

Opinions really are changing. It's not just the typical 60's Cheech and Chong stoners anymore. It's liberals, conservatives, urbanites, surburbanites, Democrats and Republicans - a lot of different backgrounds who are realizing there are more benefits to weed than harmful effects.


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I totally agree with you. My mother was a raging alcoholic for years and I started going down that same path. Used to smoke as a teenager and stopped, mostly because I was uneducated and did not know how to medicate properly. As you stated, opinions are really changing, and for the better. The benefits can no longer be denied and the education is vastly greater than it was. And the best part is, it's only going to get better. Welcome to 420!


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Great intro and I feel your pain man. My family is alki-friendly also and I like you, despised it ecause of my family but luckily I never did drink much as long as I got weed. But anyhoo, Welcome to the forums and you aren't alone nor are you the only 40 yr old here. We have an infirmary around here...it's a thread called the over 50 club. I'm not 50 but I joined just to mess with the old farts haha.


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hey dude....Im a drunk that switched back to pot...lovin it..welcome..i say let your freak flag fly! ...that alcohol is legal and reefer is not is crazy wrong!!!
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