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I've been using Great White for a few months now and I can honestly say that I hate this product.

As soon as I mix a scoop with my water, it all just falls to the bottom of my res. I try stirring it up and it just falls back to the bottom. It literally will not mix with water (at least for me).

I've tried heating up the water then mixing it, but as soon as it cools i see a little brown patch of Great White at the bottom of my water.

I've tried mixing a scoop with the soil before transplanting and I feel like that is doing a lot more good than mixing it with the water like it says on the package.

I can't believe they say you can use this in hydroponics!! When I had it in my hydro res damn near ALL of the shit was at the bottom of my res, even though I'd mix thoroughly.

Great White, wtf? Can someone tell me how to get you to mix with water?
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