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Greatest Guitarists

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I like the music of many mentioned above, but appreciating their work requires commitment of my own. When I'm busy at home, I often listen to The High Road. His art soothes like fine indica.
YouTube - Joe Euro plays the Normandy Guitar
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and on bass...
Les Claypool
Jack Lawrence
Mike Starr
Forgot Cliff Burton... may he rest in peace.

Les Claypool... I see his name followed by "III" at the end of a few anime shows, he's in charge of music on Trigun. I wonder if theres any relation...


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That would not shock me, he is a master of many trades. Writer, producer, film director, musician, and much more. Les Claypool is amazingly talented, alot of people just know him from Primus but there is sooooo much more!


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Looked it up, its not him. Just some guy. I DID find out that Les (from Primus) played Banjo on Metallica's cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone, its a great song y'all should have a listen...
YouTube - Metallica - Tuesdays Gone


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lol, nope, just Leo.

If I recall correctly, someone asked him once what it was like fingerpickin' a 12-string like that, and he responded with, "well, I guess it's kinda like sticking your hand into an egg-beater."

He actually did damage his right hand pretty badly using the fingerpicks like he was on that video, because when you use them you can't tell at what point you're over-driving the guitar, so you can't moderate your playing to the point of diminishing return.

Fortunately, he ditched the fingerpicks before he injured himself badly enough to end his career. He still sounds amazing without them.

I've been lusting after a Henry Miller for years now. I'm jealous! I'm just gonna have to cough up the green.


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David Gilmour, and many other guitarists in this thread, are excellent, but he's not the best and neither are any of the other guitarists mentioned.

I know a 9-year-old girl that plays "better" than David Gilmour, but she doesn't play rock.

The subject of the thread says it best.

"greatest guitarists"

"best" doesn't exist, except in our narrowly focused minds


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I like most that were mentioned, and I love that someone brought up Robin Trower!!! That guy is great.
But, I wanna say that Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Leslie West (mountain), Alex Lifeson, and Adam Jones (tool), should be added to the list. Also Erik Braunn from Iron Butterfly should get mentioned aswell.

I could probably go on and on about the Psychedelic era guys......
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