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Greatest Music Movies or Music Videos To Watch Stoned


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I remember watching Pink Floyd's The Wall on VHS for the first time with my two best friends Kevin and Mike! We were smoking some Jamaican oil that the Jamaican Brothers brought up with them when they came to help harvest the crops in the summer.


Hearing Comfortably Numb and watching the animations ... blew my mind!!!
Funiest thing though, I invited some friends over to watch it after school about a week later, and my sister had taped over it with "Menudo on ABC" ... fun family memory now that's for sure :)

So what's your favorite music movies or music videos to watch stoned?

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Pink Floyd's "Live at Pompeii" is an absolute classic. When me and a couple of friend's found weed 25 years ago as teenagers we watched through that VHS until it wore out. It's unbelievably good. At the time here in Scandinavia all cannabis was hash, mostly Moroccon and Afghan. Bud hasn't been around until maybe for the last 15 years. We always mixed the hash with tobacco :)
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