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GreeenFingers - Mr Nice - NL5 x Afghan - DWC - SCROG

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Hey everybody :ciao:

It has been a long time since I journalled my very first grow here of AK47, the link is in my signature for anybody who is interested, and I'm excited to be back. :)

I've learned an awful lot since then this will be my 5th grow, I wanted to journal this grow because I now feel like I'm at the stage where I can really understand the plants I'm working with and give them everything that they need to thrive, which should make for an interesting and informative journal.

I also have a brand new dialled in grow room that has been a long time in the making and is set up exactly how I need it to be, this will be the first grow in it, the specs are below.

Strain: Mr Nice seeds - NL5 x Afghan

Genetics: Old school 75% Afghan, 25% Skunk

Quantity: 2

Feminised / Regular: Regular - 2 selected females

Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba

Breeders description: When people/growers and medical patients ask for a strain to incorporate flavour and effect then it is always a recommendation. The strength of combining different land races of Afghanistan into a plant leads to strong flavours and fruitiness fast flowering compact plants.
This would be one of the most reliable plant strains for effect, time and time again... The plant can be susceptible to molding if the humidity is high during flowering, so be ready to harvest on the first signs of problems with molding.
True pedigree lines make this a special hybrid and one that makes mouths water from the scents and aromas it possesses and unleashes on completion of flowering.

Grow Room Dimensions: 2 x 4.5 x 8 ft

Lights Veg:
400w Philips MH

Lights Flower: 400w - Osram VIALOX NAV-T Super HPS - 56500 lm - ( 250w HPS being added soon for a total of 650w of light )

Room Temperature: Day 27 C ( 80.5 f ) Night 16 C ( 61 f )

Humidity: 45%

Intake: Outside Air

Out-take: Vented Outside

Growth Stage: Vegetative

Medium: DWC

Size of Buckets: 25 L ( 6.6 Gal )

Solution Volume: 17.5 L ( 4.6 )

Nutrient Base: Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur

Nutrient Additives: GH Cali Magic, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, SensiZym, Nirvana

PH: 5.7 Drift to 6.0 over 2-3 Days

EC: 1.4 ( Week 3 - 4 of Veg )

Water temp: 20c ( 68f )

Training: Individual SCROG nets for each bucket - allows plants to be moved

That is everything I can think of for now, if I failed to mention something in the specifications or you have any questions at all about the grow please don't hesitate to ask :3:

Pictures of the new set-up below:

Nutrient and Work Area

Grow Room, Clones at about 2 weeks

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Hey Canna Montana its great to have you stopping by :welcome:

I'm happy you like them, its going to make it so much easier being able to move the plants individually to shape the canopy along with nutrient adjustments and turning them for even light distribution.

They are actually the wire shelves spray painted white from a cheap plastic greenhouse that i used to have before the wind tore it to shreds ha ha but good guess :)


Canna Montana

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That's a great repurpose for those shelves. I love to go to garage sales to see what treasures I can find that will be beneficial to our grows. It's amazing how I can look at something and know what I can use it for in a different way than intended.


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Dang greeenfingers! Im glad you decided to journal or nobody would know about individual scrogs LOL Im buying a tent and was about to abandon the idea but that looks rather brilliant. Your girls look so bushy and squat, dreams to be for mine! Good luck in your new grow room it looks great! +rep
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Hey MrLoveGrow nice to see you stopping by :)

Ive always wanted to try a SCROG but the idea of not being able to reach the back or the room for maintenance would drive me crazy ha ha the idea is to eventually have 4 different strains in my room at all times each at different stages of growth and each with individual scrogs so that i can move everything around.

This way I can harvest a new strain every 3 weeks or so, I'm really looking for those holy grail keepers. My best keeper so far is a selected blue cheese, there is no real musky cheesyness to it at all that you might expect from a cheese but it is just straight up fresh berry sweetness, I've never come across weed like it before :)

Really appreciate the +Rep :thumb:
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Both girls are on EC 1.4 and loving it for such a high concentration of nutrients at this stage of Veg, it has been very steadily risen to this point over time.

PH was allowed to drift to 6.0 now reduced back to 5.7 I allow this to happen over the space of 2-3 days.

Enjoy some photos of the girls :)

I cleared up underneath the canopy of both plants and removed the weaker shoots to encourage more vigorous growth above the screen and to allow for better air circulation.

Nice strong healthy root system.

Hope you all enjoyed this one :thumb:

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Its actually surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it, I done soil on my first grow but once I tried DWC and seen the results i knew i was never going back ha ha coco would be my next favourite, growth is similar to dwc and you cant over water but DWC really is one of the the most foolproof forms hydroponics and the closest in practice to soil based mediums :)

I'll be running that Blue Cheese in about a month so you can see how she looks then ;)

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Hey everybody, Just a quick update showing how the girls are doing today.

The screens are now filling in nicely with lots of vigorous growth.

I'm hoping to switch to flower within 1-2 weeks.

Tomorrow is going to be a weaving and trimming session :)

Hope you all enjoyed this one :thumb:


Stinky Snid

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Serious setup dude! That's gonna be a main attraction around here. Sign me up, so I can get a good view still. Grow on brother, grow on...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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Hey Snidrajsed I really appreciate the complements :thumb:

I look forward to making this grow a worthwhile attraction and learning experience for everybody here.

You're all signed up, don't forget to bring a +1 ha ha it should start to get exciting around here with the flip to flower in a week or so :)

I'll have to pop round and see your Perpetual Adventure

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I can't re-edit my first post but I forgot to add this:

Northern Lights #5 X AFGHAN is a 49 - 63 Day or ( 7 - 9 ) week strain

For a strain that is over 80% Indica, little to no stretch is expected at all, that's why I need to wait until the SCROG is completely full before I can flip to 12/12

Kind of ironic that I build a new grow room with 8' of headroom but growing plants that are going to stay relatively short, I had nothing but stretch problems in my last 4' grow box ha ha


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Just a quick update showing the Hot Spot Diffuser on the 400w MH, it is very effective and widens the footprint of the light relatively evenly over the canopy while getting rid of that central hot spot, the light can now be lowered much closer to the plants without burning :)

Hope you all enjoyed this one :)



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I do like your scrog netting Greenfinger and can appreciate their mobility , the plants are healthy , nice.

Today I staked and netted my 2 plants individually for the same reasons as you , mobility.
most interested in this , I am wanting to try dwc , Im joined now to follow to Harvest.


I think the diffuser will work great , lord knows there is a center hot spot ..

you could trim them to fit a little tighter to the center , maybe , I am guessing here !
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Hey LEDBud thanks for dropping in :)

Nice to see we're doing something similar, the individual SCROGS are going to make managing the garden so much easier.

Hopefully this journal will inspire your DWC adventure, if you have any questions about DWC or anything you think I might be able to help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ill stop by your journal and see what your working with :)