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Green Crack & ChemDawg


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I’m still afraid to use a seed bank, a friend gifted me some of these seeds, they have not broke ground yet I’m beginning to thing they are duds


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How long it been in ground? Straight to the ground? Germinating seeds really helps.
I’ll Tell ya my fool proof method learned over lots of seeds lost.
So start with them in a glass of distilled water. They will float if they are good. Bad ones sink right away. Usually after 8-36 hours in the water. The sink and pop open. Once they have little 2-3mm tail. Pop them into a paper towel folded up twice. Wet with distilled water but not dripping wet. Just wet. No dry spots on paper towel. Then fold them up in it and put em in a bag for 24-72 more hours to get a good 1-1.5 inch tail you can put to rock wool or soil. Usually always get a pop from that if you make it to the rock wool stage. If they float in the water for over 48 hours and it didn’t pop, it’s likely a dud.
Hope it helps some. Good luck.


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In water 24 hours then into soil, been in soil 11 days now
Yeah, I’d be picking round with tooth pick to find it by now. Likely hasn’t grown much since ya put it to soil if ya haven’t sent anything in 11 days. Prolly slimey and discolored. Did they pop in the water?


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Hello everyone.
Going to be updating a little less frequently but will try to be very descriptive and add lots of pics to make up for it. I was a little sour at this website for editing my post to remove my YouTube channel. Kind of felt like censorship since all I was doing was trying to give you guys more options to see my grows, set up, and even hear my voice.
I digress, the girls are looking great. I have a pretty full tent, def more than last time, and it’s really getting stinky in there. The green crack is super fruity and the ChemDawg is all diesel. Wish you could smell it. The leafs are just starting to show some signs of end of life is coming. These plants have been the prettiest I have grown yet. Super proud of them. I am thinking I will get more weight from these three plants than I did from my previous four plants. The couple buds I have felt feel super dense and we are only in middle of week 6. I just put in the “finish” nutrients At about 1000ppm. Will be in for 10-14 days before doing pure water for 4-7 more days. So we are in the final 3 weeks. Found out, like most nutrients, doing slightly below manufacturers recommendations is really doing awesome. Have to say, the “tap” nutrients really seem to do good with my harder water. Making me doubt if I need an RO system. Would recommend if you have hard water and doing hydroponics. It Will just dye some equipment blue.
The colder weather where I’m at is really pushing some colors out in the green crack. Temps go from 70 when off, to 78 when on. Thinking it will get a little colder in there before end of this cycle. Looks like a little purple so far. But it’s just starting to show. Going to be checking out the trichomes under the scope soon. Just keeping the ph and ppm at this point. One more water change. And this one is lil harder since I’ll suck much out as I can get, which leave 1-2 inches, then fill up the system about 1/3 and suck it all out again. Really dilutes the remains nutes for the final flush. Might even use shop vac to get last bit if it’s safe for my roots.
I have my next seedings in my aeroponics bucket that really gets the roots started good. In a week or so, they will go into their shared 27 gallon tote to wait their turn in the flower tent. That round will be 2 more ChemDawg and 2 Bruce banner. Going to do a stativa round after this next one.
Thanks for reading. Hope you all are doing and growing good.
Take care. ✌









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Nicely done. How far along are they @jlh8787 ?

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:
Thank you!! They are just about 7 weeks into flower. Gonna be checking trichomes here very soon. Figure i got about 5-8 more days with this jacks “finish” nutrients (changed to that on monday) then going to the plain water flush.. Funny enough, the green crack supposed to be the longer flowering one, but just looking at them with my eyes, the green crack looks much closer to done. Also, just feeling some lower, normally larfy buds, are pretty dense this time. Think I did pretty good of training more tops and less larf. That was my big take away from last round anyway.


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Just a quick update post. One week or so until harvest. Starting my fresh water flush today with GH clearing solution added. This is after sucking out much as possible. Filling half way with plain water and sucking that out to get much nutrient water out of my fallponics system as possible before the flush. I am Really proud of this round. I’m going to guess over 2lbs from 3 plants. The most dense buds I’ve grown for sure. Next round will be ChemDawg again and Bruce banner from ILGM.


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Harvest time has come and gone. They are now hanging in my second bathroom drying. Have a little homemade air cooler that currently has the temps at 64.5 and humidity at 61%. Been round those numbers for 4 days now. Harvest was on 11/11. Really impressed with this round. Only negative part would be that I got a few bananas on the green crack in the final week or two. Not sure the cause, but it was closest to my open side of the tent. Also had the other green crack Herm on me. So could be the strain or genetics. Either way it smells amazing. Can’t wait for it to dry. Likely won’t be dry for trimming until 11/23 or so. Enjoy the pics. They are beautiful. 3rd to last pic is all one ChemDawg. The majority of my harvest for sure. Thanks for reading. Will update with weight eventually.
Happy growing.












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Final smokable bud weight = 23.5 oz.
Last post for this journal. Ended up with 1.5 lbs off the three plants with half pound of trim and half pound of larf bud on top of that 1.5 pounds of bud. All of it is pretty good. Did get a fair amount of seeds due to green crack herming on me. Still less than 100 total that I was able to pick out. But know I missed a few. Anyone know if those seeds would be feminized? Would the inbred from ferilizing it self be okay? Green crack to check dawg interest me.
Anyway, this was my best harvest as far as quality goes. Couldn’t be happier. Pics will show the beauty. Fold 8 and rdwc fallponics system makes a huge dif In my harvest vs regular 5 gallon buts. Buds are Still curing up but was already smoking smooth on the second day in bags. Great now going on 2 weeks in bags.
One ChemDawg (3 bucket pic below) was 14 oz of bud, second danker ChemDawg was 5.5 oz of bud, and 4 oz of green crack bud. Not bad. Hope to have the whole 4 plant system in use next time. Thinking I will do one big journal/post for my next round. So will be a couple months or more till I post a new journal. Not much going on on this forum anyway to post so often. But, Still here and showing off because I can. ‍:yummy::ganjamon::rollit:
Enjoy the dry bud pics.







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