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I am in the veg stage with GC started this seedling about 1 month ago and just recently topped and getting ready to transplant when I determine if they are all female I’m on 18/6 light and waiting about 2 more weeks or more to switch to 12/12 I don’t have a lot of room or much money so I am using a plant light from Walmart seems to work very very well just have to make due with what I have any help would be greatly appreciated


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I don't see a stretch issue. Try to get the light as close as possible...when the top leaves brown or curl (even slightly) just raise the light a little. Plant will be fine and you'll get the most out of your light.
Your awesome man thank you so much!!!! I guess you may be my go to for advice lol. I will keep you posted every couple days with info and pictures and I’m sure some questions along the way so thank you in advance!!!!


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Hi Ironmansteve09,
Glad you mad a journal. You will get more help along the way by having one for sure.
I personally believe you do have a bit of stretch going on. I recommend lowering your lights a bit. Do you have a photo showing the whole grow space with the light so we can see how close it is to the plants?
Your plants look healthy so keep doing what your doing.
If you are planning on transplanting all 3 into that one tote I advise against that. From one of your other threads I read it seems like this is your plan. It won't be the end of the world or anything but the issue with having multiple plants in one pot is that even though you have all the same strain they are all from different seeds so that means you will have different genetics. Some plants might like more nutes than another but being in the same pot you can't separately feed them based upon their individual needs. If you don't have 3 other larger pots to move them into then just do what you plan on doing and you very well might not run into this issue but please be advised that this could become an issue.
Happy growing dude. :ganjamon:


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I feel it still may be a bit early to tell but I’m really not sure I’ve looked at other parts of the same plant but can get a for sure answer myself


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Turns out they all seem to be female I’ve started with nutrients and got a fan and an led 2000w light with the veg light and bloom light. Still running 18/6 and have topped twice now. The big one has got me kinda curious because of all the new growth up top it took off within the last few days and not sure if I should top again or not.?.?.?.


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