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Green Curling Brittle Leaves


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Hey All!

Just put my babies into flowering - just has thier very first pitch dark night alone. As i was doing my daily routine of checking the plants and taking its vitals - i notices a rather odd looking part of a leaf. It seems the leaf is still green, yet VERY brittle and curling. The green is a bit less than the rest but not yellow, or brown. Still green.

What Strain is it? - Tangerine Dream and BagSeed
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - TD is a hybrid, Sativa dom i heard. Badseed is whatever, i think its Sativa from the way it grows (yet im still a newb lmfao)
How Many Plants? - 2
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? - First day of flowering
If in Flowering Stage... How Long? - 1 day :)
Indoor or Outdoor?- Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro - Ebb and Flow
If Hydro, Reservoir size? - 15 Gallons give or take
If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature? - Not sure...havent been tracking
If Hydro, what type of Medium? - hydroton, with rapid rooters in middle
If Hydro, what type of Setup? - Ebb and flow
Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many? - 600w HPS with air cooled sealed hood
Is it Air Cooled? - Yes sir.
Temperature of Room/Cabinet? Room - between 70-83. Grow Cab - between 73-85. Highest 87, 82-ish is usually canopy temp
RH of Room/Cabinet? - not sure of RH. Inside is between 59-65%. Sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower
PH of Medium or Reservoir? - Ranges all the time - usually about 6.5. But ranges between 5-7 currently.
Any Pests? - none that i have noticed. I will confidently say no.
How Often are you Watering? - 4 times a day for 30 mins a piece
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used? - 1/3 GH Flora Performance. At the 5 week mark with 1/3 of the dose.
Size or Square Footage of Room? - Rectangle. 180sq ft total including vegg/mother. 400cfm fan, attached to 400cfm rated carbon filter.

Only on older leaves - and there is still only like 5 leaves like this on the whole 2 plants.



Overall view of grow.


Thankss for the help!
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@Blueballavngr - yea i could def see this being the problem. it was only like 3-4 leaves on the whole thing and i havent seen any since i posted this. Guess i was a bit of a worry wort! Was your TD all super bushy like mine is? I originally got it because it was supposed to be Sativa dom - but it seems to be the Indica pheno.


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It was bushy but mine seemed to stretch more and my leaves we're much thinner, maybe mine had been crossed at some point but I have grown duck foot (a plant bread for stealth growing outside because the leaves were 3 leaves that we're webbed, by the third generation grow ( I was taking copy of copies instead of a mother plant, this trait slowly mutated to 3-5 unwebbed sets, I assume do to stress. So idk. Some of ur lower leaves in picture 2 look closer to my td
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