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Green Dragon (soda)


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Alright, so i've been wanting to make a drink like this for a while now and finally feel like now is the best time because i'm gonna be leaving for about 2 weeks. I found this website with all different methods of preparing this drink. The one I want to try is the storing method.

So heres my question, listed under the instructions for making this drink it recommends microwaving your dried bud for at least 2 minutes on high. Would that not just completely destroy any THC thats in it? According to the site it apparently activates it, but i'm a bit skeptical.

Anyone with information is greatly appreciated. Times are tough, and i'm not looking to destroy my bud in the microwave.

Heres a direct quote
Microwaving is the easiest method for decarboxylation, but it should never be used for extraction.
from This website.


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Thats what I thought... Why the hell would it tell me to microwave it. I'm just going to try the absolute vodka storing method, and skip on the microwaving part.
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