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Welcome again. It's been awhile but I always loved the mag and great people so I figured I'd drop in and say Hi.
My name is Reverend Wayne but not a bible thumper, just an earthly preacher tryin to help afflicted, debilitated, and old vets like myself.
We have a ministry, a private smokers club in Williamston, MI.(FIRST IN MICH.), and 2 physicians who assist us with referrals for MI. MMJ patients.
Started out being an activist in Ventura Calif. in 1969 and "moved on up" to various business owner, mostly either motorcycle, publications, or marijuana reform.
I admire Rob for sticking with his dream for so long, and the endless amount of people I've met along the way that were so considerate and just wanted to enjoy what nature has so graciously provided.
Bless one and all..
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thanks.. Noticed you are in IL., check out Illinois Medical Marijuana , Lou Lang speaks at their Friendship House Meetings, and they are leading the effort to legalize. Sam Franzmann is their rep.
Hi ReverendWayne, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. Rob knows how bad the system can be on Cannabis users. Once you have felt the injustice you're scarred for life. I have felt the pain. Keep up your good work, and I'll see you around the forums. :peace2:
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thanks, we're still fighting the raid but have great representation and a super outlook for the future. On tether awaiting a court date but we drew the most fair Judge on the bench AND he's retiring right after our case at the end of the year.
Keep up the good work..
Rev. Wayne
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Hello ReverendWayne :welcome:to 420Mag! We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and Information across the universe. I apologize for not greeting you in February but I too was unavoidably detained back then in this foolish war against Marijuana and was 420% legit. I am sorry for your legal problems my friend and I too am going to Trial. We all wish you the BEST. We hope and pray for justice to free all peoples who are sufferring at the hands of LE for using Cannabis. Please feel free to :surf: Our http://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? I will provide some links to our Legal MMJ Gardens that will blow your mind. These and all 420Mag members will be happy you dropped by to say hello. If there is anything we can assist you with please let us know. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
Here you grow:
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Thanks Wingman, I appreciate all the warmth I get visiting the site. For the most part, it's a bunch of great people fighting for a great cause, our freedom!
My bust wasn't the worst thing. When I went to jail, my partners harvested 136 plants, spent the money, took all my stuff from my house, kept all the grow rooms equipment and lighting, and filed a no contact so I can't go near them. They wouldn't even pick me up when I got out on tether.. WOW!! I was really blown, but, greed is very powerful and my friends-brothers, really got me.
BUT, the Lord works in mysterious ways. An attorney I met once is suing them for me for principal and has enlisted HIS partner in the cause to assist, so Karma will prevail.
Till the laws are changed, or I go home, I'll be fighting for our rights to medicate with our choice, MMJ, over prescription addictive opiates and welcome the brotherhood and camaraderie of the great people here and on our brothers & sisters sites.
"Shake & Bake folks." :tokin:

Rev. Wayne

Matanuska Valley

Plant of the Year: 2011 - Member of the Month: April 2011 - Plant of the Month: Mar & April 2011
welcome if you need help please feel free to pm me an ask any Questions... :wood:
I have only been here for a week now... :popcorn:
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Welcome again. It's been awhile but I always loved the mag and great people so I figured I'd drop in and say Hi.
I still find it hard to believe that of all the people who acted as our friends and received so much consideration from our Dispensary/Ministry/ from me, turned their backs on me when I was set up by the C.I.
Some of the posts were pure acts of vengeance because we wouldn't believe their lies and GIVE some people whatever they wanted for what they wanted to give us. We were everyones friend when they wanted something but when I got locked up, only 5 people stood by me as true friends and are friends to this day.
example: One ole hag wanted me to go out with her so she could get everything free, but when I turned her down she posted "I got what I deserved." My first ex partner was stealing me blind, then when I got arrested, my partners "The Simmons," stole every penny and crumb of product from me, not even giving me one dime of MY business the whole time I was locked up. They harvested over $35,000 worth of product and kept the $25,000 we had in our ATM machine. Did I deserve all that because I rented a room to a C.I. and the C.I. put his pot from the police in the room so I'd get busted? All because I upset Rick Jones State Rep. on a televised debate. Well by the grace of God I am doing well in Florida fighting for the MMJ law to be passed here in Nov. I have an agency, a college, and have physicians in wait for the law to pass, and I forgive all who have done me wrong. I am a servant of The Lord and do his work by his grace. So all of you who did me wrong, I forgive you and wish you the best. Hope you accept Jesus as I have and maybe your life will become a happy one.