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Green Mountain Girl's 1st Grow


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@Van Stank loved your response. It’s encouraging and you’re right I need to just jump in with both my feet and not worry so much. I’m putting down the foundation for them to root really well and I need to push them to do even better just like I do myself in the garden each time. Thank you for giving me things to think about and also some courage to let go.


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Hey there Angela.

My my you've come a long way since the beginning of this journal.

Good to see you staying the course, shows your love for gardening. That 99% of the battle. Love is the only way!

I'm an organic farmer and worm wrangler. So you have soil questions I'll be here in the corner puff puff passin with all my friends. :48:

Pot size - I run 7.5gal pots and my plants are usually 7' tall.

Bigger roots bigger shoots as they say.

4gal is manageable for several plants in a 5x5.
Larger and it takes a little finesse to keep things organized.

You've come a long way for sure in just a very short time.

Love to see that. I bet you're happy you started growing!!

In my world, its all about compost.

Cheers and GL with the next round of flowers!


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Thank you @bobrown14 ! I am so so so happy with how these girls are all growing! I find myself in this place of not being able to take credit for them since I feel like all I do is water them and tell they are pretty! Haha! They seem to just do the rest!
Growing has hitched the fabric of my soul and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get out of the garden now. Thank you for the information about the larger pots. I think I’m going to stick between the 5-7 bc I only have 6ft of head room before I’m maxed out. I don’t know how these sativa strains are going to handle that....


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Hello Gardeners!

Sorry for the long time no see. Been crazy dealing with sick kids and being sick myself on top of a lot of all the other things life throws at you when you’re down.... but never the less the garden seems to always be a place life going the way it’s suppose to. At least for now so I’ll enjoy it.

The 4x4 is just in constant change. Growing heigher and wider. New life seems to emerge gracefully each few days. We are hitting the end of week 4 for these beauties. There are 3 that are just slightly behind by a week. But I feel that you won’t be able to tell soon.

This random bag seed from Jamaica is just amazing. It smells sooooo skunkie too which surprises me this early into things.

Everyone in the 4x4 sitting pretty after a watering.

As for the 5x5... it’s blooming like crazy.
I can’t believe how thick some of these stems are! And how dense some of the kolas look like they are shaping out to be. The amount of tricomes far exceeds anything my northern lights produced even into harvest.


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They all look great. Good job.

The last pic in your last post there ^^^^ looks like you have a mutant.
Its not a bad thing. I grow em too.. not on purpose.

The mutation I "think" I'm seeing is fasciation. Its not very common.

It's ok to grow and usually plants with this sort of thing will be smaller but could possibly be stronger meds as well.

For sure it will be different. very cool looking as they mature.

Helpful tip on posting pics:

You can post your pics right in your post.

Upload them clicking on gallery button @ upper right ^^^^ at top of every page
then click on "add media"
Then click on member galleries
then click on upload file
then go to the file you have your pics on in your phone or computer and select
then click open

files will upload.
you can add a description if you want
then click "save"

To add them to your journal

Click on the camera icon that will open the folder where all your pics are stored on 420mag and you can select each pic you want to post.
Then click continue and the selected pics will be inserted in your post and look like the below VVV

Its a lot faster than it sounds but your pics will look even better!

Hope this helps.

Here's a pic of my current mutant in flower. They grow completely different than normal plants.

The pic will look like this:



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@bobrown14 thank you for the info! Wow the picture looks so much better!! Mutant?? Oh no! Never heard of it! Can that spread to others?

@SOG001 they will be four weeks Friday so we are about 24 days now. Enjoy the summer mode! I can’t wait to see them buds grow!

Thank you everyone for all the great compliments on the girls and priceless advice! Wouldn’t be here without you all. My plants would still be dead in the trash bin!


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Mutations are genetic. Meaning they are already there in the seed and we just bring them along.

Mutations are common in nature. We humans have been taking advantage of them for many thousands of years.

Wheat for example;

What we commonly grow now to feed most of the human population is actually a polyploid mutation. 95% of Wheat nowadays is 6 sided (hexaploid) instead of 2 sided like it was many millennia ago. Its has some genetic relationship to grass now in its mutation form. We humans made this selection to the "improved" version.

Since humans are not rudiment animals like cows, some of us are not able to fully digest this wheat variation (grass). The undigested portion makes it too far into our guts undigested causing all sorts of health issues.

The reason to choose the mutated form over conventional is for yield ($$). We can feed more people with less. But it has a health cost.

Sorry I got side tracked. Where were we?? lol

Mutations in cannabis are ok and very interesting to watch grow. That plant I posted a pic of is smallish size wise, but she finished flowering in about 2/3 (40 days) the normal time frame of +60 days of her sisters. That is considered a very good thing. Not sure of the potency but it looks good/smells good.

Sorry for the ramble. I'm one of those people with infinite knowledge about totally insignificant stuff. Cannabis helps with that! :yummy:


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Hey gardeners!

I hope your weekend has found you relaxed and well rested. Everything is moving forward in my garden as I hope the same goes for yours.
Veg text (4x4)
Five of my plants that just finished up their 6th week have graduated to their new 3 gallon homes and seem to be all settling in very well and starting to spread out and stretch their wings a bit. No one seems to be complaining but it will be getting crowned in there soon.

The last of my northern light auto seeds has now started to shoot out her pistils and beginning her flowering stage. So she was given her first round of bloom Nutes and I’m excited to see what this week brings for her growth.


As for the 5x5 flower tent...
The crown royale girls keep getting frostier by the week but have slowed down it seems when it comes to their budding. Seems like this week growth in that department has been the same but I have noticed the smell and sugars getting more prominent. This is the start of their 5th week and I’m am hoping they stay on their 9 week flowering suggestion of the seed provider. Because wow I can’t wait to see what a punch these buds are going to pack!



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Looking most excellent. Happy healthy is always good.

Looks like you have your transplanting skills down. Good job.

You can remove the cover on your filter. Thats there for when its set up
as an intake inside the tent.

After a year or so you can take the filter and run hot was thru it in the bathtub then hose it off outside. That will clean out the inside and re-activate the carbon. Still have to do this even if it's running as an intake instead of out take. A lot of folks don't know this and throw out an expensive filter.


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After a year or so you can take the filter and run hot was thru it in the bathtub then hose it off outside. That will clean out the inside and re-activate the carbon. Still have to do this even if it's running as an intake instead of out take. A lot of folks don't know this and throw out an expensive filter.
Be sure to have excellent ventilation in there when you try that.... omg is it going to smell! I actually remove the carbon from the filter and take it outside to do this. Once the charcoal quits reacting to the water I run it through my gas BBQ at a fairly hot temp, and this is what reactivates the charcoal. Then, carefully shaking the charcoal down into even layers, I refill the filter, adding back the 5% or so charcoal that is lost in the process with new charcoal. Bingo, another year with my big $300 can filters that I will never have to replace.


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@bobrown14 @Emilya Thank you both for that information. I thought for sure I would have to buy new ones each year or so. Now I will wait for some warmer weather to come to our little state and I can clean them out! I appreciate you guys saving me the money of buying new filters for each tent.


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I've just washed mine several times.

True that heat will reactivate the carbon. Needs to get to about 200C or ~400F yeah about grill temps.

You can rinse out a few times to get the dust/dirt dead insects out before we need apply heat.

Growing skunk week or Chemdawg .... pretty tough to get rid of that smell. lol

Was walking the dogs tonight and could smell someones skunkweed growing. I couldn't figure out where tho. 3rd time I smelled it in the same block so following my nose. Lights out they really start to smell.


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Hey gardeners! I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with your favorite strain of bud! I had a most relaxing weekend enjoying a few strains from my local delivery service. We enjoyed some purple punch, gorilla glue, juicy juice , San Fernando Valley Kush and some Buddha Haze. All of them were excellent but my favorite would have the be the SFV kush.
What are you all smoking on this weekend?


The girls in the Veg 4x4 had a great week. After transplanting the three sativa strains I have going into their final 5 gallon bags. I was worried about them since the night after they were transplanted they didn’t look very happy about it, but when I checked on them the next morning they looked like they had already grown! ^^^ I will be stopping on their veg nutes and getting them ready to flip in about 2-3 weeks. They are already very big and will take much longer in flower than their indica sisters that will spend at least another month or so in veg.

After the Durban Poison and the Jamaican plant ( sex unknown) get booted into the flower tent , I will be ready to start my next round of seeds and clones. Seeds this time around will be a mix of autoflowers I have from Crop King Seeds and I will be planting a couple of super lemon haze photoperiod plants I got from ILGM.

As for the flower tent... well we are going strong into our 6th week of flower. Just passing our 37th day and I’d have to say that I am very happy with how the Crown Royales are turning out! I’d like to see them plump up a bit and hopefully I will be seeing this happen over the next couple of weeks. The breeder has it listed as a 9 week flowering time but I’m guessing that they might be a bit behind that mark. But wow are they frosty.

That’s the green mountain girls garden update for now! I hope you all are having fun playing in the dirt!


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Hey guys and gals,
I could use some help with sexing this Jamaican plant I have. I do believe it’s showing some signs of it now that’s it’s started to stretch out in its new pot.


I think what I am seeing here are pistils? Or is it just new leaves? I haven’t even sexed a plant before so besides the copious amounts of time spent on google and YouTube... this is all I got.


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Still a bit early, but I am leaning toward the female side for 2 reasons... there are no multiple structures and males tend to cluster preflowers together, and it looks like that calyx is sitting down flush on the notch and not rising up on its own little stalk. Keep an eye on it, but first looks are looking good!


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Happy Friday Eve and day two of spring! I am kicking it off today with work in the garden. The three large sativas ( Jamaican and two Durban Poison) are getting flushed and sent into the flower tent today! Making room for me to take clones and put down some autos! I will also be flushing the flowering crown Royales and getting them ready for their journey into their last few weeks until harvested. I spotted the start of amber trics so I believe they are ready for this. I can’t wait to see how they finish up right now they smell like straight up gasoline!

On to the next ....
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