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Green-o-Matic PC Grow 2010


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Hey everyone.
this is my first grow journal.
in fact it's my first grow.
So whatever helpful tips and info you have is greatly welcome.

so heres the deal.
i have a pc grow case i made myself.
the case itself is 23'' tall, so its a pretty big case.
got the largest i could get my hands on.

4 26 watt CFL's
Fox farm soil
These are feminized seeds, so no worry about males.

the strain i am using us an auto flowering called 'green-o-matic'

I germinated 3 seeds, 2 in paper towels and one in just water. i really only intended to use 2, but one just would germ so i tossed the 3rd in some water. and all 3 popped. I dont know what i'll do with the 3rd just yet. i doubt i'll have the room for it, I'll just have to see what happens.

I plan on doing LST, im not completely sure how it'll work. but I've got time to figure that out.

I'm not really expecting anything amazing out of this grow, just seems like something fun to do. grow in a pc case... its kinda cool.

Right now i have the fans running, but the temps with the fans are staying room temps.
around 68 F.
should i turn the fans off to raise the temps a bit?
or just leave them on?

any feedback or tips on how i can make it better are defiantly appreciated.

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Welcome, Jakal. How much higher can you raise those lights once they start growing? Not much room in that baby. Better start brushing up on your LST skills once they sprout. Good luck, My Friend.

Well right now the lights are hanging downward (as seen in the picture.)so that i can get em closer to the plants.
but i can rotate them so they are horizontal along the top.


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Lol. I think everybody feels that way their first time. Make sure to not overwater.

Thanks, im trying not to.
the pots im using are actualy made of fabric, so it drains pretty quickly.
so im gonna have to pay close attention to see when to water it.

btw, i just started reading your grow journal from your first grow.


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She's standing up straight now!
the other one is as well.
im a tad worried about the second one. there is a small borwn dot near the center on it's baby leaves.
I'm probably just being an overprotective parent tho.
i dont have a picture of it.
my camera suck at taking pics that close up.

the 3rd one in the cup hasnt broken the surface yet, i think i slowed it down a lot.
i had it on my windowsil when i first planted it, so it could warm up and get some real light.
then it got pretty cold out, and i forgot about it for a couple hours.

H's a pic of my best one.... i need to name her, and the others.

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Just wondering, do you mist your plants at all? I've had light burns before on seedlings from misting them with the lights on. I don't mist them anymore. If I do need to mist for foliar feeding for emergencies, I spray them a couple hours before the light cycle kicks on.

I don't mist them.
i did cut the bottom off a clear plastic bottle to place on em.
to keep its humidity up. ive seen it done for seedlings.
is that a bad idea?


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They don't need a lot of humidity. I've never done that and that are always beautiful and healthy. Clones on the other hand need high humidity.

ok, thanks. ill take em off.


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What light cycle are you using?

i figured since they area auto's they could use all the light they can.
should i change it to 20/4 or something? to give em a rest?


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24/0 is fine. ;-) LST is definitely gonna be your friend for this grow.

yea, thats my plan.
im gonna need a lot of help with that for sure.
ive read up on it, but reading and doing are very different.


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I do have one questions about a filter for the smell.
i can already smell them a little bit.
i was thinking about placing a carbon filter on the exhaust fan.
but what kind? i don't want to get one that's to thick. it'll block the exhaust.
does anyone know what kind i should be looking for?


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I got a decent pic of the one im a little worried about.
its got this brown spot where it looks like the leaf is dying.
it seems to just be on the baby leaf.

anyone got any ideas?

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