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Green Party More Than Just Tree-huggers


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OTTAWA - Green is for marijuana, a carbon tax, income splitting for couples and dying with dignity, according to federal party leader Elizabeth May.

May released the Green Party of Canada's broad-ranging "Vision Green" policy paper yesterday with the message that she and her shadow cabinet of future election candidates are about more than climate change and tree-hugging.

"We're here to dispel two myths about the Green Party of Canada," May told reporters on Parliament Hill. "One, that we're a one-issue party; two, that we're a one-person party."

The 156-page document touches on policy positions ranging from taxation to civilian oversight for the RCMP:

- - Along with a $50/tonne carbon tax to limit pollution, the Greens are touting legalized and taxed pot, universal child-care and a tax system that encourages more family time at home and with friends by splitting taxable income. "Polluter pay" and sin taxes will mean lower income taxes for everyone but those earning more than $150,000 a year.

- - Paid vacation entitlements should be raised to three weeks a year from two.

- - A $10-an-hour minimum wage should be federal law.

- - Railroads should be enhanced at the expense of cancelled highway and bridge expansions;

- - A guaranteed right for people to draw up a "living will" enabling them the right to "die with dignity" by limiting or refusing medical intervention.

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