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Green stuff on soil. Help Please


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I just checked on my plants and there is a green substance on top of the soil.
I turned off the humidifier and it seemed to dissipate fairly quickly. There's still some on there, though.
Should I be worried?


The only reason I am a little worried is the sprout's looking pretty unhealthy.


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Removed the top layer of soil and replaced it with new soil.
Will try and keep rh lower and see if it helps.


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Ya, I think I might have over-watered a little last time. I haven't given it any nutes yet.


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High AmGrowR,

Yup thats def a little touch of mold. Nothing to get too worried about just yet as long as you take care of it.

Step one would be to remove to top layer of soil, about a half an inch. Next you'll want to replace the soil and run a light H2O2 rinse through your pot. About 3/4 a cup to a gallon is good. This will help to sterilize your soil and kill off the spores. Just make sure you also run clean water after that.

Your follow up precautions would be to watch how often you water. You should only water if your plant is almost dry. Or at very least till the top two inches of your soil is dry. Where as plants do thrive in a hydro environment they also will suffer if you keep them in damp soil.


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Algae growth like this can be prevented by by covering the soil with something opaque. It won't grow without light!


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Thanks guys! I am pretty sure now that it was due to poor drainage. The soil was holding too much moisture. I'm going to start aerating the soil with a straightened out bobby pin to help with drainage and air flow so the soil doesn't hold so much moisture. It should also help in getting some oxygen to the roots, right? Once I transplant I'm planning on using a bunch of perlite so I hopefully won't have this problem.

Thanks again to everyone who commented and helped.
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