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Green Your Beauty Routine With Natural Products by North American Hemp Co

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TORONTO, ONTARIO - Now that winter is melting away its time to green your beauty routine with the new eco-friendly natural skin care and hair care collection by North American Hemp Co. The comprehensive line of hydrating products made with certified organic hemp seed oil, solve all your beauty woes with biodegradable formulas and environmentally conscious packaging - so you feel as good as you look.

"You don't have to be a tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing hippie to be an environmentally conscious consumer," says Stephen Langford, President of Preston Cosmetics and maker of North American Hemp Co. "We want to be able to green their beauty routine with products that are truly natural and outperform the current selection of so-called 'high-quality' mass beauty products. Our commitment to using renewable resources and researching new viable alternatives empowers consumers to do their part to save the earth without sacrificing personal style."

The complete collection of 37 products is available at Pharma Plus, Rexall and Duane Reade stores and online at Amazon.com, for as low as $9.99 each.

The holy trinity of great skin

The simple formula for healthy, radiant skin is cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize with certified organic hemp seed oil. North American Hemp Co. has 21 body care products to keep your skin baby soft, nine of which are perfectly designed to repair winter damage and for as low as only $9.99.

Cleanse: Wash the day and all its environmental toxins off your skin with Face Off Face Wash and Relax & Soak Soothing Body Wash enriched with green tea, chamomile and algae extracts to gently sooth, cleanse and heal skin while retaining skins natural moisture.

Exfoliate: Scrub off dead skin cells that can both hinder the absorption of much needed nutrients and give an unsightly dull, cracked appearance with the gentle exfoliating action of hemp husk fibres in both Hemp Husk Body Scrub and the highly anticipated Hemp Exfoliating Face Cloth.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: From head to toe, North American Hemp Co. has you covered starting with Omega Anti-Age Daily Face Lotion; Hemp Holy Grail Body Lotion (available scented or unscented for sensitive skin types); Organic Oil Oasis Body Oil Mist (available scented or unscented) hydrate and lock in moisture in a light-weight, non-greasy formula; Concentrated Care Extreme Moisture Body Cream with the highest concentration of hemp seed oil in the collection, for your most moisture deprived areas; and All Natural Lip Balms (available in four flavours: Green Apple, Berry Sublime, Mint-o-Licious and Canadian Maple) for chap-free, kissably soft lips.

Hemp hair care trifecta

If health and style could make a baby, it would be this line of natural hair care products. The complete hair collection of 16 products has a line for every hair type and stylers for every hair need. Just wash, treat and style for spring beautiful locks, and for only $9.99 a bottle.

Wash: Soak It Up Moisturising Shampoo and Soak It Up Moisturising Conditioner enriched with chamomile extract and thermal algae to hydrate, repair split ends and add incredible shine.

Treat: Never Too Late To Repair Deep Treatment Oil with its hemp seed, olive and coconut oil blend, it brings life back to frazzled, frayed, over processed hair; and Omega Deep Rich Conditioning Treatment has an intense moisturising formula containing hemp seed oil, omega 3, 6, & 9, thermal algae, cornflower and sesame extracts that absorb quickly into your hair's damaged shaft to tame wiry waves and repair dry over-processed hair, leaving hair silky smooth.

Style: Foamega Weightless Volume Mousse instantly defines curls for a bouncy, frizz-free look that lasts all day; Hemp Hold Max Hold Hairspray with an eco-friendly formula that never flakes, for a dazzling shine and all-day-hold; Finishing Touch Smoothing Cream to tame split ends for a fly-away-free do and Let it Shine, Shine, Shine Spray the ultimate finishing product for a glossy (never greasy) glow for your gorgeous locks.

Hemp: a beauty miracle

The harsh winter climate with frigid winds, freezing temperatures, dry furnace heat and scratchy wool caps have been murder on our skin and hair - leaving our look dull, cracked, frizzy, itchy and prone to breakage. Well fret not! When it comes to bringing back that healthy glow, hemp is your miracle cure. Organic hemp seed oil is naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 (essential fatty acids), all 20 amino acids, anti-oxidant vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, it has amazing anti-aging and moisture balancing properties.

Hemp seed oil is readily absorbed to deliver omega fatty acids that help repair cell damage, keep cells fluid, improve natural nutrient absorption and assist in the natural cleansing and growth cycles of the skin and hair.

"Hemp is the natural choice for our beauty products - it's renewable, can be grown pesticide free and loaded with the essential nutrients that keep hair and skin looking healthy, youthful and fresh," says Langford of the collection that counts certified organic hemp seed oil in the top four ingredients of every product.

Anti bait and switch philosophy

Each product in the collection contains highly concentrated amounts of functional ingredients, so the consumer is not sold a romance story of high-end ingredients present in only trace amounts. Which means each product delivers exactly what it promises. Most importantly, all North American Hemp Co. products are free of known carcinogenic ingredients like diethanolamine (DEA) and sulphates widely used in the beauty industry. Preston Cosmetics believes even one drop of a known carcinogen is too much and has made a commitment to find the better way, and raise industry standards.

"Safe products that truly deliver over and above consumer expectations are not the norm in the mass beauty market," says Langford of the Preston Cosmetics major point of difference in a chemically driven industry. "We don't want consumers to buy our products based on marketing hype, we want them to choose our products because they work better than could be imagined and because it's the healthy choice - for both the customer and the environment."

Beauty with a conscience

North American Hemp Co. is the first collection of beauty products developed by Preston Cosmetics. All of the formulas are completely biodegradable, PETA certified as cruelty free and vegan, use only food grade flavour as fragrances (perfect for sensitive skin) and environmentally-conscious packaging design. The deliberately squared bottle shape fits tight beside the bottle next to it, behind it, and in front of it to reduce the amount of energy required to pack, ship and store without any wasted space or unnecessary packaging. Visit North American Hemp Co. for more information on the complete line of products.

About Preston Cosmetics

Preston Cosmetics is a green beauty company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Stephen Langford, who has spent his career working with mass beauty giants, Preston Cosmetics is committed to creating biodegradable beauty products that are safe, effective and have little environmental impact. Visit Preston Cosmetics Company for more information.


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