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Greenethumb Goes Auto For The First Time


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Well I'm going to give these Auto's a try..I am kinda a newbie I have 3 successful grows under my belt,no to brag about but each time I learn more and more.and this site is a really big help,all the people are very helpful..anyway on with the show..


Seed Bank: Bonaza Seeds
Seeds: Vision Seeds Blueberry Bliss Auto
Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Nutrients:Fox Farm,Grow Big,Big Bloom,Tiger Bloom,Open Sesame,Beastie Bloom,Cha Ching also will be useing General Hydroponics Rapid Start and Floralicious
Inside/Outside: Will be grown outside
Pot Size:5 gal bucket

I germinated the seed in a wet paper towel it took to days for it to crack..it was a really big seed.

Today I went and checked on her and she final after 2 days popped through the soil..now I'm getting excited.lol

I will do weekly updates or if I run into problems I will ask for some help..I have e another journal going to stop by and check it out

Laank Dank

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Good luck GT.I am also on my first auto.

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It must be fate.
I started my first auto journal today as well! Will stick around for the show

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dirt mcgert

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She's outdoor so something is bound to do a little munching on her. As long as its not a daily thing she will be alright


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Looking good!
I didn't realize you were doing it outdoors. Being an outdoor auto many say it isn't needed to top them because of the sun penetration but....
If you are still wanting to do so just do it when the time is right. I will say that all 6 of my auto's are LST'ed but only the 4 that got topped are very noticeably bigger plants all the way around. It looks to me like you are on the 3rd node now? I think I would do it unless you don't get the 4th node in good enough to top by day 15 or 16. Once you get much past day 15-16 the autos won't have the needed time to keep vegging to make it really beneficial.

As far as using the sand I'm not sure. The easiest way to get rid of them gnats naturally and fast is to let the top inch of soil dry out good. They will leave for sure. Diatomaceous earth is an organic insect killer made of fossilized shells. It is sharp on the microscopic level and works by puncturing the exoskeleton of insects (draining them of their body fluids), but poses no harm to humans or pets and can even be eaten. You can put a layer of that down on the soil.
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