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Greenhouse: Can I extend vegetative period with artificial light?


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I am growing a variety of clones in a greenhouse.
but I got a late start and was wondering if I could extend the vegetative time by 2-3 weeks to give them more time to gain size. Looking ahead, the sunlight light drops to 14hrs 15min around mid July. My plants last year started flowering around Aug 1st. So maybe around mid July I could put a few CFL's(or whatever) on a timer in the evenings and delay them from flowering a few weeks. Any thoughts? We live in a coastal fog belt stays fairly warm year round. It's an organic grow in smart pots. Strains include ACDC, Cannatonic, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, GDP all from Harborside and all about a month behind from where I was last year. Thanks for your help...


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Yes, you'll be fine with that, plus your plants will start flowering automatically when you turn your lamps off.
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