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Greenhouse design: Help


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Hey guys im currently in the design stage of my greenhouse with the build date coming up pretty soon. I had a question for anyone how might be able to help. Here is my design so far,

its 35ft wide x 60ft long x 10 feet tall (that from the ground to the top of the 4x4's)...im hoping to get it to 15 feet with the arch of the pcv. My question is how sturdy do you think the pvc will hold up going 35 ft across? is there anything else I can use besides Pvc that wont cost me an arm and a leg? I just want to make sure it will stay up if I start getting gust of wind up in the mountains. any help would be appreciated. thanks.


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Yeah man, you'll need to install what we call in Italy "controventatura".

Check this pic:


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Have you considered doing more of a 'V' shape (upside-down V) for the roof? Keeping the wood instead of PVC?
an "A" shaped roof? yes. I didnt like it for 2 reasons. 1 being the cost of extra supplies and wood. I wont be keeping this greenhouse for more than a year (hopefully I can pull in enough cash to get a real one constructed). second, the hoop house roof will have open ends to allow more air flow in and out of the greenhouse. I could go with an A shape but I think hot air will just build up into those corners if I dont have any wind coming into the greenhouse. I just prefer this design over the A shape. It did cross my mind however to change it up but I'll stick with what I have now. I still might just eliminate the roof all together and go 5 feet more higher and just trow a shade cover over the top, still thinking things out right now at this stage.


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Ok I need a little help here. I live in Pueblo West Colorado and get great sunshine all year long. I need to build a 24' X16' greenhouse. What base do I use before building? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated the pictures are of my backyard area.



I decided to build a large greenhouse on the deck, which doesn’t get much use. The enclosure will be a sun room if appropriate, instead of the canvas structure that use to be there. I have a small 10,000 BTU heater that connects to the barbecue natural gas outlet, so will have some warmth, and will get some use during the Winter months. It took nine days to build by myself, about 72 hours of labor, from 28 of October to 5 November, and cost $1798.63.
Description of the construction. Six, 6 by 6 pillars support the structure. The auxiliary supports are all 2 by 6 spruce planks. Two doors were installed plus a window to ensure reasonably good ventilation. I got the doors free of charge. The slope of the roof is from 8 feet to 7 feet, with a pitch of 1 in 12. Sun is available for about two third of the structure all day. Wood was used to cover the walls where no Sun penetrates. Corrugated SUNTUF UV protected panels was used. It is relatively low cost compared to other coverings, and is almost indestructible. Pictures depict highlights of the method used. Plans were in my head.
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