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Greenhouse - Light Deprevation - Outdoor Grow


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Thank you for taking the time to view this grow journal I have a nice setup to introduce to you.even though I'm a little late to the party on the light dep I'll cover the outdoor grow (not the greenhouse) in this journal as well as the rest of the greenhouse.

I am taking my first shot at a light deprivation grow which consists of me pulling a custom fit tarp over a 15 ft long 8ft high 9ft wide greenhouse which is specifically a farmhouse flowerhouse and works wonders for me.

I have a 600 watt light cord I took socket out of hood strung it through top of greenhouse for supplemental lighting and have a switchable hps mh ballast and a 400 watt mh and 600 w hps bulb I use as supplemental lighting if needed to extend veg and is used regularly for four hours in morning and 3 hours at night just for that added benefit during flower. and to turn lights on at 7am so I dont gotta get up and untarp early it will turn on at 7 i untarp 8ish when i wake up. its off at 7 tarped just a little earlier. I have a 50 pint GE dehumidifier I've added for late stages of flowering and it gets a little humid in the greenhouse.

I am growing a C4,2 C4 x OG's,2 Blue dreams and a GDP all clones were from a club. I had them under 4ft 4-bulb t5 in 2 gal smart pot they got 4ft tall I moved them into 25 gal smart pot vegged for one month. I have used X Nutrients Advanced program all the way through except for a couple things here and there. didn't use grow spray. skipped a couple feedings gave just water (ran out of nutes 95 degrees plants wilting I figured just water was fine) i clicked over 28th of April so I will finish in next 3 weeks since all strains are 8-9wk strains (I'm not entirely sure about C4 x OG I can't find much info on it and buds are a little small I'm hoping for sake of yield it's a 10wk strain)

i have a nice 15ftx15ft patch that's empty I'm going to do a 12 plant grow there this year outdoor and then immediately when it's done throwing another greenhouse in it's place so I can do light dep all year in two 15ftx8ftx9ft greenhouses I'm going to put these 12 in 30-40gallon smart pots FF ocean forest soil might add some sort of other mediums to it not quite sure. I am currently in conflict of what 12 i will put there

I have to put in the patch

2 blue dreams
9 GDP 's
3 alien og's
girl scout cookies
dark star
2 sour diesels

the rest will go under t5 I assume.

I am going to take a bunch of pictures and post them here.

I am looking for a little input. what size pot do you grow in and what do you yield. setup here is irrelevant since I'm outdoor adding light and using a full line of nutrients and I get full sun so I can guesstimate what size pot I should do since I'm doing best case scenario except for stuff like CO2 and such. Any info on C4xOG would be nice it's not chemdog 4 it's C4.

Thanks for viewing, pics shortly :)



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Here's my nutes.


Camo blackout tarp


view from the middle towards the back


OGxC4 I think towards front of greenhouse




Blue Dream


Blue Dream




smallest stalk


25gallon smart pots 6 of them.


Side of greenhouse


front of greenhouse


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Great! Gunna keep an eye on this one.. I'm working on a outdoor garden this year and will
Be my first year with a light dep.!
Looking great thus Far to me!

I'm a little disappointed in the C4XOG but am hoping it might be an 11week strain and will chunk nice I'm very pleased with blue dream and GDP as expected. I have high hopes for the one C4 in there. I'm curious if I'd yield more if I go bigger in the pot size or if 6 25gallons is probably the max for this greenhouse :D

also anyone else here use X Nutrients? My first time using them here. I'm currently bucket feeding the plants because I work at home and have the time. I give them 5 gallons as needed seems to give a 20% run-off

my water is perfect don't have any ph issues. humidity issue for sure though it's 100 degrees now.. I'm dumping my dehu bucket but need to raise it dig ditch outside greenhouse hook up external drain hose run it out a lower window into ditch. probably get another dehumidfier as well. I'll do that next time most likely. still need to get clamp fans for the roof to stir air to assist the dehumidifier. was thinking about rigging a misting system for bloom/grow/fungicide/insecticide sprays was considering an intake fan. wouldn't need an outtake since the air would force it's way out.

next time i'm going to put down weed fabric to prevent grass and weeds and then put some grass turf then greenhouse staked over all that make it nice and plush reduce mold and bug chances for sure.

nice grow farnorth looks like you went all in.

I'm going light deprivation because even in winter/spring i can add 3 hours of light to my huge greenhouse and tarp and flower. that's a insane amount of saving on electricity and still get the 12/12.. you could get another greenhouse veg and flower use as much light as someone spends flowering a little room with the added benefit of the sun and small cost of labor to self tarp I'm hoping to pull very good quality so far it's blown me away. weight wise well I don't like to get my hopes up.


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Thanks @WeedyMcWeedWeed

I am trying my hardest to push these hopefully I get what I want out of them.

I think I'm gonna put 8-9 GDP's in there next in 25 gallons since they're way bushier. I think I'll stick to just indicas in this greenhouse because it's so hard when they get to touching the roof and sides and that's not desirable get moisture on it and most likely mold. maybe I can get more out of the indicas in the greenhouse since they're lower and bushier i can put more together. move around in there easier that'd be nice add another light.


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I'd say indica's for sure since your height is limited. And they tend to yield more anyways, since that's what you're looking for. I might have to invest in one of these green houses myself. They get enough sunlight through the tent itself though? It looks like it would block a lot of sun


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I'd say indica's for sure since your height is limited. And they tend to yield more anyways, since that's what you're looking for. I might have to invest in one of these green houses myself. They get enough sunlight through the tent itself though? It looks like it would block a lot of sun

I don't notice any light blockage. it works very well. i might get two 9x9's or another 15x9 greenhouse after this next grow. I think I willl move to pure indicas for the greenhouse since im thoroughly pleased with the GDP im flowering.


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I grew some GDP last year started outside but moved inside to finish. And it was incredible. Plants were only maybe ~3' yielded almost 3 oz a piece

pot size? soil brand and nute line? its shaping to be a hefty plant. i think I'll pull 16oz on my blue dreams each maybe 20-24 that'd be nice. 16oz on the C4 and C4xOG's is ideal, before I staked everything down it was all 7ft tall. I've done a full plant topping a few times through the whole greenhouse to achieve these bushes and gave them a good veg.

right now I'm enjoying some strawberry cough.

when I get setup with the other greenhouse there will be growing 365 days a year doing light dep and vegging indoors. harvest every month.


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If you check out my current grow I just posted some pics of one of the plants from last year and some of the buds. Well they were in 7 gal smart pots. I used pro mix soil and the roots organic granular stuff for nutes.. I didn't get them until Like the end of July and I had them outside but my other outdoor plants had started to flower so I was taking them indoors to keep them vegging. Then I just flowered under a 1kw. They finished at only maybe 3.5' tall. So it wasn't a monster by any means


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I'm really confused my blue dream it sativa dominant but It's my biggest. C4 is Indica dominant it's been looking nicer last couple days. Og is indica dominant you'd think a ogxc4 would be rocking, it's not or at least my phenotype isn't.

My GDP definitely's not a monster, I was letting it veg hoping it'd catch up to the others :D logically thinking that's ridiculous so I just started flowering it stretched a little first 2-3weeks of flower but the plant looks like a big plants canopy so I'm not beating myself up over it tallest part is maybe 4.5ft rest is about 3.5ft but it's chunky.

that's why I got 6 new gdp's in 1 gallons waiting for them to bush them i'll put them in 40 gallon pots. I'll put my other strains in the patch try to do 6 GDP's in the greenhouse (for sake of space and the peace of mind and i think pure indicas will be favored for this greenhouse unless I pull significantly more off the bigger ones especially since less stretch during flowering period) which should even out if I had all gdp cause I could fit more or just have huge indicas instead of hybrids which you could get a lot of undesirable traits depending on what your growing for I need something for sleep and pain.I don't like real energetic head highs... but instead of more I will do a bigger pot I'll use the suns natural veg cycle until it starts to drop I'll supplement as needed to keep structured veg routine until I feel like I'm gonna get 3lb plants. If I got 6-7ft tall GDP's strictly from veg time I'm sure the yield will be significant. my plants now are 6.5-7ft but much higher if not staked.

I got 3 alien og I'm excited to see them do something. I'll definitely need to clone all these I put out before they flower. I will watch a chart produced by the navy determining exact minutes and duration of night and dark and daylight times for the whole year so i won't let them start flowering.

So I got room for twelve

I'll do

2 blue dreams.
one dark star.
one ultraviolet
one girl scout cookies
3 alien OG
2 sour diesel

I like variety I will keep the best of the best maybe 2-3 of these strains. and I will let the rest run their course and die out of my genetics I'm holding onto. then next go I will introduce 2-3 more strains if I feel it's imperative then I will hold onto 1 of those and repeat that till my moms are the best of the best end up with like ten and will start crossing them with seed bank strains I feel would be a good base for breeding once I get to that point.


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Dam bro that beautiful. I would give one of my nuts to be able to grow on that scale. Am guessing that you live in a "liberal" state or in a remote place....very fortunate and I am jealous as hell!!!
Plz keep the gr8 log running and the beautiful pics coming too.
Enjoying immensely.


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Ok so I had to pull early due to humidity and bugs.and lack of sufficient funds to do things the way they should be done.

Dont have the dough for a nice enough dehumidifier so it gets pretty moist in there. I also didnt expect my plants to dry out so quick why I was away for a little while and they got a little heat damage (104 degrees). Im going to get a shade cloth sew it to custom fit greenhouse and implement a automatic watering system to toss the bucket feeding. Several clip fans for the roof and a sulfur burner for mold for next run. Im also going to put weed blocking fabric and fake grass turf down on floor to curb mold and bug issues that way. Might add an intake fan.

Good news is i got 18 beautiful girls to focus on now. Which this journal was intended for, the end of my greenhouse run has been fun a little irritating pulling 11 days early but it needed to be done. And now I can really begin my grow for this outdoor season. I feel like I will do better next time in the greenhouse first run was experimental and all the preventative sprays in the world won't stop the mold if you cant control humidity with a tarped greenhouse using dehumidifiers while tarped. And I couldn't. My 70pint dehu didn't do squat to the humidity in there and my other option is spraying which I did. My other options dehumidifiers I cant afford.sulfur. which will all be fixed next run. Posting pics soon of babies


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Dam bro that beautiful. I would give one of my nuts to be able to grow on that scale. Am guessing that you live in a "liberal" state or in a remote place....very fortunate and I am jealous as hell!!!
Plz keep the gr8 log running and the beautiful pics coming too.
Enjoying immensely.

Thank You!!!! I appreciate the comment and yes my state does favor the peoples choice to medically cultivate cannabis. :^)


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I'm at a cross with myself about putting 6 of these big ones in the greenhouse or letting them stay in my patch next to greenhouse and run their cycle this season.

I got these strains from a friend and know little of them I'll research and make decision I'm going to go with the most indica dominant strains. Since if I dont like how big they are when natural light drops to flower cycle I'll add light to keep vegging till I'm pleased.I am happy to have babies of blue dreams I just ran verrrry nice. C4 and c4xog weren't too pleasing yield wise quality was awesome. Gdp was nice sticky smelly. Blue dreams were awesome. I look forward to the smoke. Forced to pull early they'll be a little harsh no flush time.
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