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Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
So I just received some Humate Supreme from Grow Healthy Medical Marijuana with Humate Supreme. This package I won (besides the starter pack) in the "Plant of the month contest May, 2010". I have never used this product before but I am quite optimistic. It really appeals to me that they say that their product is specifically for "medical marijuana". Its also environmentally conscience and more natural than the heavier chemicals in most hydro nutrients to my understanding. This is just the begining and will follow me thru the entire process from germination to trimming (or atleast thats the idea, lol). It will be an all organic grow too which is a first for me indoors without using organic hydro nutes. Soooo, so far all I have is a pic of the product but I will be starting to germinate the seeds this weekend and Ill go from there.
On a side note "Tiger" at HumateSupreme.com has been very courteous and helpfull with everything.
Everyone ready? Here goes journal #4 I believe, lol. Yeahhh!!!!



Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Ok so here is the first update. Ive been working over the weekend and got some stuff done...mostly just cleaning out things and making room, in the room. This is a picture of the room that the plants will be going into. Obviously its a disaster in this pic and that had to be fixed, so thats where I started.


Ok,... and here is a pic after the room was cleaned out of boxes lights and other misc hydro/grow equipment.


Then I took out the shelves to make even more room. This took a hammer and some muscle (for those who know me Im sure you are laughing)...yes,.. I got help for the "muscle" part. My arm is broken at the moment. lol .damn!



So once it was emptied of everything I had some framing to do as well as some preemptive electrical work (find how to get power from outside, etc). Heres a pic of me in the middle of drywalling.


These are the new hybrid seeds a good friend gave me. Im super stoked about trying these!


This is the Humate Supreme starter pellets that I put in each cup with the seed.


And some pics of me planting the pellets and seeds.


And here the seeds and cups are now waiting for me to finish assembling the room. Hope they sprout soon! :slide:


I still need to bring in 30amps @240 from the breaker box outside as well as finish drywalling..., then its on to hanging poly, lights blowers and carbon filters. Stay tuned cause its gonna move fast (if all goes as planned) lol. ;)


Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Yeah Im really looking forward to the OG Kush x GDP seeds. It just sounds so awesome! Where Im at it gets fairly cold so usually the OG kush purples as well as the GDP. So this last week has been waaayyy busy for me but I have managed to get some things done in the garden. Mostly electrical but there was some drywalling and framing that needed to be done as well. I ran a dedicated 220volt 20 amp run from the box outside for four of the 600watt ballasts. I also ran a dedicated 220volt 15 amp line for the AC as well as 15 amps of accessory power @110volt. I put in 8 accessory outlets for fans, blowers, enviro controllers whatever. There are 4 outlets @110volt on either end of the room, as well as 1 outlet @220volt for the AC unit, 4 @220 on a timer relay for the lights, and 1 outlet not on the relay @220 volt for the 5th light. The last light may eventually be used to veg thats why its not on the relay timer...plus I had only four outlets on the MLC-4 (CAPs lighting relay) anyways.

Ok so,.. on to the pics. Here we go!

I had to pull back the drywall in the garage to get access to the electrical box outside so thats what you see in this picture.


Heres power going through the ceiling of the garden and going down into the wall.


Heres the breakers that I installed outside in the box.


Hanging the boxes for the outlets....


Ok so in this picture it shows the AC outlet at 220volt and 4 of the other outlets @110volt. I didnt do this to code as Im sure someone will point out,... but it will work, and most importantly it wont burn down my house or anything. (For those of you who arent electricians its the ground wires that arent wired correctly, cause I didnt have another wire nut at that moment!).


This is the C.A.P. lighting relay getting wired.


Here I am hanging some poly on the ceiling.


Here is the lighting relay all hung up on the ceiling after the poly went up.


Heres the framing that we did so we can not only hang drywall but so we have a spot for the AC unit.


Heres my grow partner throwing in some drywall screws getting it all tied up nicely.


Heres the wall all finished being drywalled and the hole cut for the AC unit. Keep in mind you would never install a window AC like this unless the back was in fact outside a window. This is a special situation I have here where I am actually exhausting the heat created by the AC. Its rather complicated. In any case just remember this usually would not work out the way you would want it to.


Ok and this is what I did today...I got this AC unit from a guy used with the cover missing. I didnt have the extra cash to spend on a new unit so I got this 18,000btu unit for $75. AC units usually run about $100 a half Ton/6000 btu (12,000btu equals 1 Ton). So obviously I got a fairly decent deal on it (because the cover was missing Im sure.So lets break this down real quick. A 1000watt light fixture if air cooled needs about 300 cfm per light, a 600watt needs about 200cfm to be cooled efficiently per light. Even with air cooled reflectors you will have heat buildup over time. Air cooled lights on average (in my experiences) need about 3 to 4 times as many btus (rating for AC size) as watts you have to be comfortable in a hot state (AZ, NM, S Cali. etc.). So if I have 5 -600watt lights you take 5x600watts, that equals 3000watts total for the room. Then I would take 3000 and multiply by 3.5 (between 3 and 4), that equals 10500 btus needed to keep my room cool. I would take that just as a starting point, if you live in AZ you may want to have more btus, if you live in Alaska you may need a much smaller unit or not even need an AC. I may be adding more lights in the future so I took the very high side and got a 18,000btu unit. I also want to be able to run a CO2 generator so that played into my decision for such a large unit. The CO2 generators flame adds a huge drain on the AC and easily takes up about as much btus as 3 of the 4 air cooled lights in the room (about 5000btus just to keep up with the CO2 gen.). Also keep in mind that if the lights are not air cooled you will need conciderably more btus. On average I would put 36,000 btus for every 6 uncooled lights or a half ton (6000btus) per 1000 watt light. This is a great demonstration of why its always best to have aircooled lights. With air cooled lights you need 3.5 times as many btus and with NON air cooled reflectors you need nearly 6 times as many btus. So for instance in my garden where theres 5 aircooled lights for a total of 3000watts in the garden you need to have around 10,500 btus to cool the room as well as a blower for the lights that draws about 5 amps. In the same garden but with NON air cooled lights I would need about 18,000 btus of AC to keep the room cool. Thats an extra 8000 btus which draws about 9 -10 amps! About twice the electricity used if the reflectors were aircooled! Plus you can put air cooled lights closer to your plants without burning and that directly translates to more bang for your buck and bigger buds! All of this is very much dependent on not only where your located but the quality of the unit you buy, the size of the blower you have for your reflectors, whether the reflectors are 4", 6", 8" or 10" ducted reflectors, whether your running bottled CO2 or generators, etc, etc, etc, theres just many many factors involved with calculating you total btus generated by the garden and thus how many btus you need to cool that space. Ok... so anyhow enough HVAC talk, heres the pic.


Hopefully I will have the room completed here by the end of next week. I must mention that while I am no licensed electrician I have been building gardens for some time and thus have learned a great deal about electrical, HVAC, plumbing and framing. I learned almost everything from books I bought at Home Depot. I would say go ahead and read a book before you attempt anything like this. If you do decide to do the work yourself just make sure you know what your doing and that the breaker is OFF before you mess with anything electrical. Most importantly STAY SAFE, and if you arent sure about what your doing make sure you do before you continue or just hire help. There are many MMJ garden consultants besides me right now offering our services on craigslist etc. Just be carefull about who you hire and bring into your garden and also remember not all consultants know how to do electrical and hvac work. Be sure to ask before you have them drive down. Hope everyone is following my thread ok, its kinda choppy, lol.:rollit: Thanks for visiting!;)

Reefa Cheefa

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Wow looks like you put a lot of work into that room. I bet you can't wait until its full with beautiful girls. You can definitely count me in!! +reps :cheer:


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:popcorn: and waiting to watch your grow GI.

Looks like you are gonna have fun with this one.


Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Ok so yesterday I put up Panda film mostly but also hung the ballasts as well as reflectors. So without further ado I give you the new round of pictures!

This was right after we finished putting up poly and reflectors. As you can see hanging things on ceilings has its drawbacks and positives. Its nice because they are up high and out of the way but it also means that working up there is gonna kill your neck. I prefer hanging as much as possible up high and out of the way so thats the route I went. In this pic the entire garden was a massive booby trap, just waiting to trip someone up. It kinda looks like a jungle with jungle vines everywhere, lol.



And here I finally got everything tied up to the ceiling and out of my way. Looks much better now.





As you can tell I still have to hook up the ductwork and all that jazz, but that shouldnt be to long now.

I would like to add that while this garden is decent it is by no means ideal. This entire garden is a peicemeal project that I threw together with what I alread had. I am the builder and designer but a number of patients will be growing in the garden. Basically there were patients who needed good meds but know little about how to grow and have no space. Well I am here to help them out. I get no compensation at all from any of my patients besides the electrical bill which we all split, as well as whatever group used products we have to buy, plant stakes etc. We all wanted an organic grow so thats why it worked out so well with me getting some Humate Supreme in the plant of the month contest here at 420magazine.com last month.

So far I have spent $33 on black & white poly, $75 on the used AC, $25 at home depot for the electrical boxes, and everything else was donated or lying around my house. I am a garden consultant so I have a lot of things lying around that the average person probably wouldnt, (lights, ballasts bulbs of all sorts and sizes, nutes, reflectors, etc. etc.). All 5 of the 600 watt bulbs lights and ballasts I had already or were donated. The wire for the electrical as well as breakers were donated. (When I say "donated" I mean one of the patients already had them lying around and donated it to me for the sake of building this garden) So as you can see so far all this garden has taken was some man hours a few drops of sweat, and about $133. Not bad eh? The price will go up a little though cause I still have a few things that I need to pick up from home depot and the hydro store but it should stay pretty cheap....and that was the idea. We wanted to make an affordable garden using what we already had and this is what I came up with. Basically its a recycled garden, lol.

Also I would like to add that I wanted to keep it as affordable as possible to run and maintain so we used 600watt lights w/ electronic ballasts (highly efficient). I also ran everything I possible could at 220volt and that helps a little too. At full peak power draw (meaning 3000watts of lights a 18,000btu AC, fans blowers etc) Im only pulling 15 amps for lights @220volt, 9 amps for AC at 220volt (which barely even runs because its so fast to cool the room), and about 10 amps @110 for blowers fans etc. So as you can tell this room should run pretty efficiently and keep our power bills down as well...atleast that is the idea, lol.

Anyhoo I will be posting pics of the sprouting plants here shortly....stay tuned!


Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Wow looks like you put a lot of work into that room. I bet you can't wait until its full with beautiful girls. You can definitely count me in!! +reps :cheer:

You have no idea, lol. But it wont be too much longer hopefully!, Thanks for tuning in everyone, its always nice to know someone is watching.


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hi greenisland,im taking a pew for this one,the set up is looking good mate.the lumatek ballast are a sound investment,do they have the super lumens switch???
loking very good,im a bit perverse,i get off on a good tidy setup....ha ha,makes mine look like a proper shit tip!!!!!!!:popcorn:


Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Ok so I have been pretty busy with work the past few days but I have tomarrow off and Im hoping to finish up the room....hopefully. In any case I have managed to do a couple of small things. For one I have built a cover for the AC unit which previously looked like this.....


And now it looks like this....


I made the bottom vents face down and the blower part is turned up that way it throws the cool air up over the plants and it sucks the air in from the lower part of the garden. Without the grille on it just turns the same air over, and over again and never cools down the rest of the garden. It works much better now with the grille in place. It cools the entire room down 5 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Thats faster than you would normally want it to cycle. If it short cycles it doesnt remove the humidity like you want it too plus wastes electricity. As soon as the CO2 burner gets put in the garden it should even things out a bit more and keep it running for a full 10 minutes before it turns off again.

And heres a look at the baby seedlings. They have really gotten off to a good start!



I hope to have it all tied up tomarrow like I was saying,... so if all goes well I will have an update for everyone tomarrow too....Stay High y'all!

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Cant wait to see this grow in action, ill be posted :popcorn:


Plant of the Month: June 2009, May & July 2010
Well I just made a post but it deleted the entire thing right after I finished, ugggghhh!!!!

So here I go again. I have just about everything up and running properly which is nice but there are still a few things here and there that need to be done. In any case here are the pics.

This is a pic of me starting to run the ductwork for the air cooled reflectors.



Heres the 8" Vortex that exhausts all the heat from the reflectors. It moves about 200cfm per light.


In this picture you can see the light that I installed with a lightswitch so I can see in the room when its dark without interupting the plants flower/dark period. It really makes things a lot easier than stumbling around in the dark knocking plants over and stuff, lol.


And here is the CO2 generator. This thing should keep this room saturated with CO2 rather well even if Im not a huge fan of C.A.P. products.


And here we have a seedling pic. There growing up pretty fast under their own 600watt halide conversion bulb. Grow little girls grow!


And heres a pic that I took of a couple things my buddy brought back from Vegas. Pretty Sweeeet!!


Also I would like to say that Humate Supreme has decided to sponsor this grow so everything in the garden will be fed with Humate Supreme and Humate Supreme only. Thank you Humate Supreme!!!! Any time I have a question or anything at all I shoot Tiger @humate a email and he gets back to me with whatever info I needed fast. They have been just a huge help down there at Humate Supreme. Im really stoked about this grow cause its one of the few ALL natural grows Ive done and the end product should reflect that. Woooohoooo Im so excited to see how everything turns out!!!

Also Im going to be bringing in some pre vegged plants so I can get this show on the road. So next time I post an update I should have more plants and the room entirely 100% done, cosmetic stuff and all!

Stay posted everyone this journal should be picking up speed from here on out!!!

Also if any of you get a chance and are intersted in growing MJ a more "natural" way check out 420mags sponsor at Grow Healthy Medical Marijuana with Humate Supreme . They have some really cool products that are natural as well as easy to use. Stay High!!! Sincerely, GI
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