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Hello , and welcome to a dark devil auto grow !

It seems every time I think about the dark devil auto a song pops into my head . You guessed it , Van Halens Running with the devil ! So it only seemed fitting to include that in the title.

I will be growing 3 dark devil autos .

2 will be grown in a 40/40/20 mix ( 40% roots organic/40% coco coir/20%perlite) and feeding them the GO line .
Note: Roots organics has perlite already in it so the 20% perlite is extra that I add. Not really sure what % roots uses on there mix.

The other 1 will be in a mix of roots organic / perlite / coco coir / alaskan forest humus / azomite / CBD rock dust / worm castings / insect castings / coast of maine compost and I will be giving it water , compost tea and anything else it will need. If the organic one shows any deficiency hopefully the organic crew here at 420mag will help me out.

Strain : Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Auto

Nutrients : I will be using the GO line on 2 plants and the other will receive only H20 and the occasional compost tea .

Light: led mars hydro

Temp: 81/74

RH: 40%-50%


Next thing I do is mix up a tsp or so of soluble(suspended) endo mychorrizae into a cup of H2o . I dip each bean into the solution and then plant into soil. I then use this mix to water in the seeds .




#3 is the organic and will not receive bottle nutes .

Thats all for now .


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Off to a running start. :slide: I'll have to follow you more closely than I'd initially anticipated. You're running ALL DDAs. :woohoo:

Morning STIHL. :hug:

Stinky Snid

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:thanks: for stopping in to my first official 420mag grow. I am very honored to have the 3 of you here .

Not much happening other then #1 and #2 are stretching like crazy . I placed a little more of the 40/40/20 mix on the top of the pots. It will help support the stem a little better. #3 (organic) isn't doing much yet, she is fully opened up but isn't stretching like 1 & 2 .


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No fair! No fair!! :rofl:

Mouthwatering. Beautiful. You should get your two best shots and enter next month if you don't win this month. :battingeyelashes: :love:


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Just a quick update for anyone paying attention !

I was brewing up a compost tea for a couple other non medicinal plants .

DD3 (my no bottle nutes plant) was given a drink for the first time since planting. The pot was dry and fairly light. After I added the compost tea to her pot I realized that it was probably way to early to be giving that plant anything but water due to the extras I added into the soil . Oh well now! Ill ride it out and see how she reacts. But it will only be plain water for the next few watering's.


she seems happy for now !

The other 2, DD1 & DD2 will be receiving their first round of general organics bottle nutes tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends , I'm so glad you came along , come inside , come inside !!! :cheer: Ahhh!!! now I have another song stuck in my head!!!!

DD1 and DD2 both received the first round of nutrients on 3/24 . 1 tsp of each of the following per gallon of cold water . I never ph with the general organics line.


Here they are today



And here is DD3 , who did not receive the general organics . It is noticeably smaller . My guess is , this plant will be smaller and go a month longer then the DD1 & DD2 :hmmmm: . will the smoke be any different? only time will tell!!


:peace: & :love:


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I'll sub in here for the DD3 organics FTW. I can't speak for the ferts Dark Devil but I can speak to the organic version. Yes going to be smaller but the taste and meds .... over the top.

I'm a hands off kind of gardener so I'll just hang and watch kinda how I grow in my gardens.

Sometimes moving the light source farther away from the auto plants gets them to stretch more so you can try that with the DD3 - put her on the far edge of the light and let her get taller early on. The first few weeks helps and I've been experimenting with 12/12 even tho it's an auto. So far just prolongs the grow cycle. They seem to quit getting taller early. I'm still trying to figure out how to get big plants organically with this strain.

Here's my current in 12/12 from yesterday:


If my friends had their way I'd be growing 30 of these.


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Quick update .

DD1 & DD2 had another round of general organics on 3/31. this time upping the "bio thrive grow" & "bio marine" to 2 tsp with "camg+" "bio root" "bio weed" "diamond black" staying at 1 tsp . everything mixed with 1 gallon cold water. 1 gallon mixed for each plant

Here is DD3 who got a drink of plain water today

All of them started showing pre flowers today :cheer: Below is DD1(with tiny pre flowers) perked up after yesterdays feed .



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2 things have happened since the last update a couple days ago.

1. Yesterday 4/3 I went to check on the DD crew . DD1 was bone dry , so I figure its time to start upping her nutes. She received 3 tsp bio thrive grow, 2 tsp of bio root , 1.5 tsp camg+, 1 tsp bio weed, 3 tsp bio marine added to 1 gallon of cold water . She drank up about 3/4 gallon .

2. So I ordered some rock dust from Josh at boogie brew and in that order I also received a package of organic ag products "pure protein"

I checked this product out on organic ag's website and sure enough its omri listed . Sounds like it would be a good fit for DD3 . Although DD3's pot was still heavy from just plain h20 a couple days earlier , I thought maybe she would like a foliar feast . I mixed 1 tablespoon pure protein to 1/2 gallon of water . I gave her a good spray on all leafs (top & bottom) . There was quite a bit left so I just dumped it into her pot. I will now let her dry out completely before I give her anything else. Within 2 hours her leafs were dry and very perked up.

pure protein seems to be a good product so far . DD3 seems happy . Has anyone else used this product?

DD2 will receive the same general organic nutes as DD1 when she drys out (probably tomorrow).



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How are things going with your girls? I've been keeping an eye on yours to compare how mine is doing. I have a DD as well that is about a day behind yours. It will be my first successful grow, I'm hoping. Mine got stunted to start with though, so she has been behind yours in size.


This was her yesterday.
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