GreenThumb J's 1000W Grow Box "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

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I'm placing the order within the week. We just have to decide on The strain. What were we talking about? Girl scout cookies I think.
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I looked on the 'tude and they have no singles left in stock.. so if you wanna grab a pack, go ape shit, they're really pricey!

I would need to order new beans if we wanna go from seed, otherwise i would have to run mine from clone which could be an unfair advantage

Wanna do Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana? I got 2 beans of those, and i also have 2 beans of the Bombs. other than that i only have singles of the Kosher Kush and Blue Kush
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well i stand corrected, they are in stock! we could easily order a few beans and do a GSC run in the RDWC.. they got potential to be big plants with the Durban Poison sativa in it
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Ok we have decided.... We are going to to a side by side of Dinafem OG Kush. I'll get the beans ordered today gt
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Shit, that means i gotta order me some new beans so i dont have to run from clone. The DinaFem OG is some really stinky stuff. i'm just past week 3 in flower and the tent is really smelling lemony and hashy. I also have 2x Girl Scout Cookies in the tent that also smell very kushy, except one smells more of chocolate chip cookies!!

I'll order up my beans later tonight brother! gonna add a couple more strains to the stable too.. just not sure which one!
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welcome brother!!

For everyone who is following along so far, my Monster RDWC is built and ready for use!! i will post a video later and some photos of the build!!

Like Cannabis 1 said above, we will be running Dinafem OG Kush in the systems. I also will be switching nutrient brands from General Hydroponics to Technaflora. The reason behind this is, Technaflora is a local company here in BC and i am all about supporting local business. Plus, C1 is using the Technaflora recipe as well an i would love to do a side by side comparison between the two brands, i just dont have enough left in my current 3-part flora series for a full cycle.
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This is going to be epic. I think your going to love the Technaflora nutrients. As you finish your list, I will get the rest of the ingredients i need for your Modified Tea.

We will get this started right after the new year. Until then, I'll be following along on your build and watching those beautiful Pink Kush.
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the build is done brother, you know that. i'm gona drain it and store it until i have the room for it in about a month or so. I still have our whole veg time to clear out the flower tent too, so i'm not worried about having to push the grow back again.. its going down!

I'll have my 600w in veg with the T5 and the 165w Twilight LED as well because i'm probably gona have a tray full of clones at the time we start this.

I'm actually going to order my beans right now for the grow! going to add in a couple extra strains for myself this time.. something old school and classic!
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i'm just restarting my phone, and then i will make the video. i have 2 other videos that i have to edit together with the final one, but it will be up later tonight for all to see.. this journal is a bit quiet, time to send some invites!
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Hey GT, just doing a drive by peep. Just got our power back up and running & it looks like it's coming your way.
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Hey 60...

Its definitely pretty windy outside, but losing my power is the least of my worries.

The power substation (which is conveniently located a mere 5 min walk down the street from my apartment) would need to have a tree or something fall into it, which our local power company (which has a muster only 10 mins away, and could be on the scene in less than 20 mins) would probably have the power restored in less than an hour.

We had a rainfall warning on monday.. supposed to get something like 100mm of rain in a 48 hour period.. But there's nothing unusual about that for the Lower Mainland area of BC 90km/h winds and 200m of rain in 3 days is typical fall weather for us haha Just tells us that its Winter time around here.

I'm going to go take a video of the RDWC system right now and give everyone a look!
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Too tired for a full update, but i will mention this..

After just ordering a few new strains not even 2 full weeks ago, i have ordered some more beans!

The seeds i ordered are actually for my Side by Side Monster RDWC with Cannabis 1. We are growing Dinafem OG's for the journal. I ordered a 3 pack and received 2 freebies with my order, both of which i'm very interested to try:

1x Humboldt Seed Organization Blueberry Headband
1x Dinafem Critical +

So now the total amount of strains i will be able to grow will look like this:


White Widow
Great White Shark (done with this strain after harvest in 3-4 weeks)
OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookies
Pink Kush
THC Bomb

Ready to germinate:

Blue Kush
Strawberry Banana
Kosher Kush
Blueberry Headband
Critical +
Cheese Candy

Currently Germinating:

Sugar Black Rose Auto

Thats a total of 15 strains! I'm hoping that i dont like them all, cause GreenThumb doesn't have the space to keep mothers, nor would he keep mothers if he had the space.. With my planned flowering stations, i can flower 4 strains at a time, which is plenty of selection for myself and the people who rely on this medicine

Anyways, off to bed!
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cant wait to see the monster system :)
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Hey Robert, i'm actually just editing the video i made about the RDWC, then i will uploading it to Youtube and then.... finally to here!

Thanks Dusty, that definitely is a wonderful selection to choose from!
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That is a nice selection of medicine GT. My beans were ordered and on the way right now. I ordered a Dinafem OG Kush 3 pack. The freebies I got were: 2 Afghani regular seeds, 1 Mystery Dinafem seed and 1 Dinafem White Widow.

Where is that video!!!
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its uploading.. taking its sweet ass time.. i got two videos actually. The RDWC one is still in editing, and the one i'm uploading right now is a little update on the Pink kush
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