GreenThumb J's 1000W Grow Box "Producer" 2x Pink Kush

If you look at King Johns stuff or Light Addicts stuff....tgey are L E D and they grow aweessoommeee plants!!!!!
led,s lol i dont know,do you? i ave found that diffrant 420 sites differ a lot.when it comes to led.from a outsider reading in,it reads like this,first i thought led is a over the pond thing, every 420 site i go on that has most members from over the pond,(usa ,canada)they love there led,s over hps. i have seen 1-2 grows that look ok,but nothing to justifying i spend over £1000 to match the hps, then when you go on a uk420 site, it changes,most are hps growers and maybe 1-2 led growers.and i see a shit load of great gardens.(hps)and then again i see ,420 sites that have a led sponsor push there product,her in the uk,led,s are not big,most grow shops dont even stock them now, when i ask, they say it never took off, bit like 3d, they love a good led grower start a grow diary on a uk420 site,there you wont get smoke blown up your ass ,but will get any bullshit called out ,very quick,lol.still today even scoring the net i cant find a hobby led grow ,grown as quick and produce,(one foot of growth a week,in veg). but if led,s were to make my grow any better,i would go out today and buy some, this is not the case,(5-10 years maybe)led.s have there place in my world, (under my wheel arches) lighting up my truck ,not my grow,tent. led.s work great ,even home made led,s this i have seen and witnessed,(fact) do they out preform hps grows ,no, (fact) not at moment, will they take over hps? who knows ,but for now hps rule,(fact) gt is a very good grower(like myself) and will give praise to anything that improves our grow ,but it takes a lifetime at the moment to give any praise to led,s ,over hps,
Sorry but i agree with GTJ 100%... If you want shitty popcorn buds and waste 4 months growing then get a LED... GTJ is straight to the point and knows the stuff. It pisses me off when he gives members advice and tell them what they need but they go and do the opposite and then ask for help.... We are here as a community but this site is going downhill as its nothing but sponsored members pushing products because they get them for FREE.... I have not seen a good LED grow YET... And like what was said the ones that did multiple LED panels... WTF? MY HPS COOLTUBE COST $150!!!!!! It cost me $30 a month to run a 600 Watt... Its so funny when members have these 1000watt + led panels and at the end of the grow they blame there poor grow on mistakes when 80%+ of it is light.... From what i have seen GTJ is pretty much gone from this site as all the others have left... The great growers leave for a reason and im really starting to see why... There is a lot of knowledge here and I have learned a lot but I think its about time i move on as well... Good luck and i hope you guys havent lost GTJ!

later GTJ and i appreciate all the knowledge you have given me. You are an awesome grower my friend.

P.S. I took your advice on getting a mH HID for my veg.. I purchased another 600 watt for my veg closet and its awesome. Thanks!
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