Greenthumb J's BCNL Producer Grow - 800w DWC - First Grow Ever! Multi-Strain

Instructions are always more complicated than it actually is. The skeleton is simple. Start low and work high. You can do it! Or grow an extra set of arms real quick......

I do plan to use the aquashiled, but im 2 weeks from harvest. By the time it gets here, I will be on my H2O flush. Now that I have the water chiller set at 68, I should be fine with the O2 levels. My roots are still looking strong and white at the moment, so Im guessing there is no rot. After my harvest, I will inspect the root ball and see how she ACTUALLY is.

Thanks alot though Green Thumb. The aquashield will be on my shelf for every grow from here on out....

I also ordered a bottle of the Snow Storm Ultra. From what I have seen, this stuff will put trichomes on top of trichomes!!!!!
Ill ship some to ya!!!
Do it! I'll email transfer ya a donation! Is this something we can even discuss on a journal? It not like we are trying to exchange strains an such hahah which I know is against :420: rules and policies.

It may be certain ingredients in the Snow Storm Ultra that aren't allowed across the border. like Ancient Forest from General Hydroponics. We have gen hydro products up here but because of the active microbes in the soil amendment, it poses a hazard to our environment supposedly and can't cross the border!

Super lame.. The snow storm ultra shouldn't be a problem tho!
Haha, I was just kidding around! But I will look into why its not available to ship there. There is a lot of things you would never think of that you cant ship. Weird Customs stuff and I don't want any knocks at my door!
He very well could be from Canada. I did see him spell "colour" with the U like we do in Canada, in someones journal. Was it C1's journal? cant remember.

perhaps i will enquire as to where he is located and how he seems to use a few products that i cant seem to get ordered to canada, if he is in fact residing in Canada. i got a feeling hes from somewhere in the States tho. But i could be wrong!! maybe he will pop by and fill everyone in, although remaining as anonymous as possible is always a good idea.

anyways, Plants in veg are suffering with this heat wave we have had over the last couple weeks or so since i've been back from vegas. I need to build the tent asap and get the plants in a Recirculating DWC to keep the temps down in the res. I really dont want to lose plants i have had in veg for like 5 months. especially since i got like 4 clones that have rooted and the rest aren't. I was hoping for at least 5 to root, so i could run 4 in the box and do the 5th Capn-Style in grow chunks. Fuckin heat wave! its not supposed to be hot here in BC! I'm only semi complaining, because it sure is nice to wear shorts and sandals and the weather is awesome for Golfing and fishing and heading to the beach! Not so great for growing cannabis in DWC in my warm apartment!

anyways, next month will be hotter! so, an AC unit is being purchased for the apartment to keep the GF, the lazy Pug, who pants when the temp rises like 2 degress, and is soooo god damn annoying, but cute as hell, and me and my plants of course, NICE AND COOL! I'm hoping that the plants make it to their new home and i can manage to keep the temps down with an aircooled hood. I just have a batwing sorta reflector and minimal air exhaust from the bathroom, so its getting warm in there!

On a positive, although kind of negative, but works out to positive note :laughtwo: My original full time job that i was working at in the spring i was working 6 days a week to make a decent enough paycheck. Summer is the slow season for this particular kitchen i was working in, which shocked me to find out last summer. So a previous co worker asked if i wanted to come work with him in the kitchen at a local Golf and country club during their summer cause they were super short staffed and he knew how valuable i could be to their team. I agreed cause i could work less, better hours and make more money. Win - Win right? So i told the current employer at the time i would be going down to only one day a week from 6 for the reasons i stated above, plus the owners weren't giving me a raise that i full well deserved for all the hard work i put in and all the times i covered for Chef while he needed some "time away" cause it was so stressful or someething? easiest chef position i have ever seen. Didn't have to do inventory or a food or labour cost. like wtf? how does a business, particularily a restaurant, know if they're actually making money, without doing proper monthly inventories and maintaining a good food cost %? Fucking peanuts!

SO i tell Chef that i needed fathers day off and the sunday afterwards off for vegas (fathers day is a tough day for me, plus i needed to pack for my awesome trip!!!) and that i will be back to work my sunday shift thereafter as per usual. Okay GreenThumb, no problem! have a great trip! The friday before my scheduled Sunday shift i get, not a call, but a text message from Chef, that he cant cover my sundays anymore so he had to hire someone and give them my Sunday shift, the one i was coming in to work in 2 days... Which, according to BC labour laws, is not per say Illegal, but its workplace illegal if that makes sense. You cant fire someone cause they were on Vacation!! I could have outright quit that job! i dont need it at all, but the extra income is nice, even if my GF doesn't get to see me as much as she likes. So now i dont have my second job (which was actually the first job) because Chef doesn't wanna work a long day on sunday before his 2 days off, so he gave my shift away to some hack. Well lo and behold, i'm owed severance pay mother fuckers!! at least 2 full weeks of pay. Plus vacation and a few hours that they didn't pay me for on my supposed last check i was supposed to be getting but it never came into my bank.

So at least $1000 is heading in GreenThumbs way, which will help get us out of the hole we are in from Vegas and getting this new grow going! Which i'm hoping isn't delayed by my 2 big ass plants dying on me!

I need my fucking AQUASHIELD!!!!

sorry for the rant. Picked up some fresh meds for the GF, friends (guess you could call them patients!! how exciting haha) and myself. Put us in the hole good with my guy even with 500 down on the debt. got friends who rely on it heavily for medication, so they been hounding me to get something good. got 2 strains, Some nice and dank Bubba kush, and some Rockstar. not the Rockstar Kush i see go around BC here but the original Rockstar, Which i believe is a cross of Rock Bud and Stargazer, and its pretty damn good i'll tell ya!

Fuck just reminds me. paid all the bills today, and buying my 2nd light set up tomorrow morning, the GF and i are broke again. fuckin like $40 to our name for 2 more weeks, or till my boss does our tip pool at work, OR i get my severance from previous employer but... I wanted to make my seed order! ah well. more time to figure shit out with the grow i guess.

i need 2 inline fans, 1 carbon filter and the ducting and the tent will be ready to rock! That is once i get it set up!.

Anyways. This was one hell of an update. Just all over the place like a sloppy drunk. I got so baked you wouldnt even believe when this one friend who has bad insomnia who visits me every night when he's off work, we always blaze one up. Holy hell, that bubba kush is a nice stone! i'm gona try some Rockstar in the Vapor Daddy and probably play some Call Of Duty on the ps3 while i also creep journals and maybe go message KingJohn, cause i notice he is always on around this time!!
Hi Greenthumb

Yes, we are the sponsor of 420 magazine. haha , you can check the sponsor list . our company is Twilight Group Co., LTD

Glad to hear about you have good harvest, as a sponsor, that is what we want to hear. :)

It's true which the LED is running cooler than HPS or HID lamp, if you want to keep the plants warmer, the HID is also good. however, for LEDs, the advantage is saving power, save your electrical fee. and the wavelength which chosen is best for cannabis. I think that is the reason of LEDs are more and more popular. :circle-of-love:

Thank you so much! are you a 420 sponsor? i have never actually seen your products online, but i am very interested in trying LED's for a future grow! I will do some research on your products and the prices in comparison to other LED's

Care to sponsor a grow with some of your LEDs? hahaha i had to ask since i see so many sponsored journals!

thanks for subscribing! i actually just harvested on sunday. everything is in the grow box drying and waiting to be put in jar.

I asked about a sponsorship because i just bought an 8'x8'x6.5' grow tent and a 600w HID set up. the summer gets so hot here in my apartment and people always say LED's run cooler, but i think the heat just vents into the grow environment and makes everything warmer..

care to make an argument?

again, thanks for subscribing!!
Hello Greenthumb J

Here is the link of welcome letter by 420 Magazine: Welcome To Our New Sponsor - Twilight Group

Also here is the pictures on sponsor list. maybe 420magazine hide our company when showing our company to USA area, I will complain it with them. HAHA(just joke.)

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Hi 420 Magazine - We are Twilight LED - Manufacturer of Best COB Grow Light

didnt really read your picture and such to see that you were a 420 sponsor! thanks again!
the link to your site I cant read Chinese
is there a link with an English worded site ?
Sorry, forgot the picture.


C1.. its never too late in your grow to use AqualShield, especially if you have warmer growing conditions for your hydro setup. Even tho you cant raise the Dissolved Oxygen when the water gets warmer, you can take steps to reduce the risk of Pythium outbreak in out hydro. even tho it will eventually happen when your water gets too warm, you can at least slow down the infection of your roots while you can remedy the warm water problem.

off to work..

ps it says 4 people needed to put the skeleton together (put top piece on the bottom piece.. its 8x8 so i doubt 2 could do it!)
HOORAH! Just trimmed all the buds off the Rhino plants. Weight before going into jars.... drum roll......... 95.7 grams, just shy of 4 zips! I've already almost hit my goal of 4 zips from my harvest. I still have the Widow to trim off too, and it looks to be at least a zip and a half. Maybe even 2! The sativa branches i'm not even going to count haha! i will just vape them!

okay i'm off to finish with the Widow plants them i'm cleaning out the box again and taking out the scrog to get ready for clone run! I will do a new Journal for the clones, because i would actually like to showcase this growbox, as i think with clones that i will put in flower a little early to hopefully keep their height down, and really grow them properly. I feel that i know the kinks of this box, which isn't many besides the height and how i wish i could get better/cooler air intake into the box to help with temps, that i will be able to grow some killer Widow. If the plants in veg dont make it cause of root issues, then i am going to have to pop some GWS beans to get this tent grow going. no problem tho cause the GWS smells super fruity and looks really nice, and if i let it go maybe 2 more weeks i'm sure i could have gotten the buds to tighten up a little, but that might still happen in the curing.

Oh btw, great white shark came off the stem today too, just shy of 7g for the one plant that grew one stem and very little branching.

Total harvest before jars thus far is 103g! not too bad i dont think! Anyways i will be back after i trim Widow off the stems!


Hmm? that's weird. Could you take a pictures of the website you open? our website shouldn't have any Chinese Word.
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i had no problem reading the page, i sent Chronic a link to the page i was reading in english. Do you have any more specifications on your panels? can you daisy chain multiple panels to one power cable like the Znet LED's?
Not yet. but will be soon, we have sent some lamps to growers and they will post the grow journals with our lamps. :)

Also if you want to get the LED in the future, that is big welcome for us.

For the coverage you mentioned, we will update them within this week. please take a look in the next week. :welcome:

Opening the picture in a new tab does show the picture. Congratulations on becoming a 420 sponsor. do you have any journals that you are sponsoring to showcase your products?
thanks for the quick response. I'd happily review an LED panel for you!!

haha i wish i was experienced enough to ever receive an offer as honorable! I will look out for journals showcasing your products.
Yes, we do have that kind of lamp which connect One by one.

I would like to send some pictures to you via mail since I didn't find the reason of can't post a picture here. :(

If you don't show email to everyone, Could you send mail to me with ?

i had no problem reading the page, i sent Chronic a link to the page i was reading in english. Do you have any more specifications on your panels? can you daisy chain multiple panels to one power cable like the Znet LED's?
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