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---------"No i do not know of a replacement for Ancient Forest, but essentially you could supplement your crop with any high quality humic acid supplement. I was using Floralicious plus because it contained humic acid as well as seaweed, plus its supposed to increase resin and essential oil production and increase flavour.
I have since stopped brewing any teas, and simply use the Subcultures alternating each day. Its simply put, less hassle than treating my water for chlorine, brewing a tea for 36 hours and then applying it, and i'm sure its just as effective as the tea i was brewing up."-------------

Thanks man- I just watched your modified H tea video which also answers my question re the Ancient Forest. I haven't been able to get Aquashield for quite a while, or the new version of hydroguard from the usual suppliers - but I see now there is cup or two available on amazon. I put some Sub m in my aero cloner and it does seem to be helping, I think- at least I'm getting a few roots for the first time in months and the rot is holding back a little- but it would seem obviously way better to dose up the system with some brewed tea or else straight hydroguard. I've been hatching the same scheme with the Recharge.
That OG Kush is top of my next seed shopping list.
yea the pheno of OG kush i have from Dinafem is a heavy producer!

I've been doing more research into the Pink Kush strain that i am currently growing. I believe i have found out the source of these particular clones.

As far as i'm aware, there are only 2 sources of Pink Kush in the world that i am able to find on the internet. One being a Seed and Medical marijuana researcher named Charles Scott AKA Reeferman. And the other is an eccentric dude who is also a licensed MMAD grower by the name of William Bradshaw AKA Billy Budd.

As crazy as he may appear and sound, Billy Budd seems to be the one currently behind this legendary strain. The origins of it are hazy, with reports that world renowned environmentalist and scientist David Suzuki having created a legendary BC strain called UBC Chemo by breeding a Thai sativa with a Purple Afghani and treating the resulting seeds with a highly alkaline and toxic substance called colchicine derived from some plant. This process resulted in cannabis seeds that contained an extra set of chromosomes, and are referred to as polyploid plants, and were grown out and selectively bred to what is known today as UBC Chemo Kush. This same process was apparently used to create the TRUE OG Kush which is in fact a polyploid plant. 98% of OG kush available on the market or as seed are not true polyploid plants and wont be nearly as potent as a true polyploid. Pink Kush is reported to be a derivative of the true polyploid OG kush.

Reports are that some of these clones were stolen, grown out and more clones were distributed to grows around BC, with only the elite growers having access to cuts of this legendary strain. I myself have smoked it once, and i can say, besides the Pink Kush, i've never smoked anything stronger.

Now polyploid plants can revert back to a diploid type through cloning or further treatment of seeds with colchicine. For some reason, when cloning a true polyploid plant, the success rate of carrying on the polyploid trait is only about 10-20% when special care is taken and optimal conditions are given for cuttings.

I do not believe that i have any polyploid plants within my Pink Kush, except for one which displays some characteristics of a polyploid, but not enough to make a solid determination. However, i do predict these plants to have an exceptional THC % level, well over 20%. I can not provide any better conditions for my plants than they currently have. The tent temperature is a comfortable 20c or 68-69 for you US growers. My water temps are a perfect 16-19c and the plants are getting a healthy dose of nutrition at a PPM of around 1000. I had a few yellow tips on my leaves, but that was from 2 weeks ago, when i forgot to top off the reservoir with pH balanced water halfway through the week and the nutrient solution spiked in concentration.

Day 21 was yesterday and all the Pinks in the flower tent are stacking up the buds nicely as well as already putting on the frost on the buds. 2 Pinks should exceed 12 zips, with the 3rd runty plant yielding around 6-8 zips. The OG in the tent, i'm not even going to try to estimate its dry weight anymore. It just keeps getting bigger each day i look at it!
hey everyone, i have a small update!

I made a seed order! Yesterday morning i received an email from The Attitude notifying me that GrandDaddy Purp Purple Dream just came into stock! If anyone knows about Purple Dream, its what TheCapn started growing before he left 420 here and its currently what he's growing right now, and says its truly a Gem.

I'm hoping to get one thats so incredibly purple (a phenotype like "dad" which was the GrandDaddy Purple male) and hopefully potent as hell! I ordered them yesterday, and apparently they're already dispatched to shipping department. Probably mailed off tomorrow!

Nothing else really to mention. Plants are doing great and i am actually about to germinate 10x Hawaiian Skunk Haze tonight that i got as a gift from a kick ass member here at 420. Got a load more of them, but this should be good to find me a nice female or two for some wonderful daytime sativa smoke, and some lovely trim to turn into some amazing shatter..

Happy growing guys!
shit you just reminded me I forgot to germ a seed last night or tonight for that matter
Happy Freeweed day Brotha GTJ :thumb:
Great job on all stages of your growth (98 percent lush darp green veg leaves with no curl or any nute burn really)! Your buds (freshly chopped) looked so f'n beautiful!!! Also the greth of your main buds were really decent for the strain. I like to see fat and larger buds myself of course I don't care as much for main cola nugglets for appeal anyway. The more plump and bigger the better. I see some pros. and I ain't downing them at all tho have plants constantly with small but dense/crystalline at least nugs. I just pref the site of biggins is all.
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