GreenThumb J's White Widow Clone Run RTF/DWC

Thanks buddy!

In the next 10 days, the White Widow plant will be coming down, another 600w CoolTube will be going into the tent, and a bunch of plants put into flower!

awesome cant wait to see !!
I do have a sneak peek of the White Widow however!

I took a few photos last night just before lights came on.. as well i took some photos 7 days ago with my grow glasses over the lens of my camera.

So i will start with the pictures from 7 days ago:



The photos of buds that look upside down, are actually right side up.. The buds are just falling over everywhere, that some are literally upside down!

Heres the pictures i took last night right before Lights on. As you can see, yellow leaves everywhere, this plant is ready to harvest! about 10% amber trichome ratio right now. I will let the plant go another day or two before starting it on a PH balanced water only flush for 5-10 days depending on ripeness.



Hope everyone is nicely medicated today!
White Widow looks fantastic.
Absolutely spectacular

Thanks Rado. I estimated 10/90 % amber/cloudy trichome ratio, but after looking at a small side branch under my microscope (i got a couple pics too!) i would fairly estimate the amber/cloudy trichome ratio more like 20/80.

This means that tonight (in about 5 mins) will start the beginning of the flushing period for the Widow.

I stole that small side branch i was talking about. Thinking about quick drying it for a vape test. But i'm not sure on the best method of quick drying.

Now thats some COLAS! Thats what im talking about. Great job Greenthumb J! Awesome grow.

Thanks buddy!

If you or anyone noticed in my last picture post, when i was taking pictures with the lights off, the WW clones i have in the background in 1 or 2 of those pics. They are so frosty they almost glow in the dark!

Okay everyone, i have those trichome pictures i was talking about.

So the first one you cant really see any amber trichomes, but in the second picture they are a little more distinguishable. Keep in mind, this is a small side branch that didn't get a chance to ripen up like the main bud sites.


Thats all for tonight folks.. about 6-8 more days of flushing and it will be time to chop chop!
Love the little amber dots ! :circle-of-love:

I've quick dried small buds on a cookie sheet in the oven test at lowest setting (170-200F)
We've done this a total of three times, checking every 10 minutes until they look fully dry.
It will get you high, but I don't think it tells much about the flavor or potency.

For the family, it's more a ritual to accompany trimming, then an actual test :)

That is so good. In another world I can dream you will next say that's your latest LED harvest.


You know, if i had about $3000 worth of LED's in my flowering tent, i might be able to say that about my harvest. The problem is, i dont have $3000 to spend on LED's that would draw the same watts from the wall as my HPS in order to get almost the same yield.

So really.. LED's dont make ANY sense at all.. Running an HPS would only cost the average person like 30 extra a month in electrical costs. So for a period of flowering, it costs you 60-70 for two months to flower a plant. IF you can yield 18 zips under a 600w light.. and you pull in 15 zips under the same wattage of LED, you've just lost 3 zips worth of product or money if you are a medicinal vendor.

When growing medicinal cannabis is a business for someone, they cant afford to yield less, when the demand for the product is so great. Thats lost income for a dispensary or licensed producer who rely on sales to keep the business afloat and put food on their tables.

Unfortunately, the loss in yield over the savings in electrical dont compare, and i'm sure most people would have no problem paying an extra 30-40 a month if that means they are harvesting more per crop than LED's. At least people SHOULD CARE about yielding more.. More buds = more meds.
Love the little amber dots ! :circle-of-love:

I've quick dried small buds on a cookie sheet in the oven test at lowest setting (170-200F)
We've done this a total of three times, checking every 10 minutes until they look fully dry.
It will get you high, but I don't think it tells much about the flavor or potency.

For the family, it's more a ritual to accompany trimming, then an actual test :)


That does look pretty good actually..

I tried the oven dry technique on 170F on that side branch and i have to say.. no more taking samples before the product has had time to flush properly!

There was nothing but chlorophyll coming out of the grinder. Just bright green plant material.

While its nice to take samples of your product to see its "ripeness"... without a proper 7-14 day flush, you wont even be coming close to what your product will be like.

I had a very small side branch i broke off while working on the widow like 2-3 weeks ago, that got a slow air dried cure, then burped in a jar for about 10 days. It looks amazing compared to that quick dried bud.. Smokes about 100x better even tho the older branch was taken weeks ago, and should be less potent, but wasn't!

I am currently ordering 12 60g boveda 2 way humidity packs for curing my product this time.. Might even consider getting a C-vault, but they are rather expensive!
Doing a reservoir change on my flood tables in my veg tent at the moment.

When i was away 2 weeks ago for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend visiting my mom, they were getting rid of a bunch of stuff they had packed away in their spare bedroom.

Among that stuff was a hand operated bilge pump. It looks like a large air pump you used to pump you bike tires up with.

I took it home with me.

I am currently using it to pump out the last gallon of water left in the reservoir without having to take the reservoir out and pour it out.

Fantastic thing and its so convenient. If any growers are using a system like i do, or have heavy ass plants in a scrog and cant empty their reservoirs out properly, this thing is a miracle tool!

I'm going to post a picture update of it while i pump out a reservoir!

be back in a few!
Nice! i was thinking about something like that, but i already have water pumps running, so i figure i can utilize the pumps i have and build drain run offs on my drip systems.

Then the last couple bits i can suck out with this little thing.. goes right into a 5gal bucket for me and down the drain!

it even sucks the little rockwool cubes out too!

Going to upload the pics when i get back home from a quick errand
okay so i'm terrible at doing things right away, but i finally got those two pictures i took of the manual bilge pump i have for my water reservoirs.

Now, if this had a longer drain hose, it would be great. But since it doesn't it can be a little tricky to pump out your water without getting it everywhere, or all over yourself. But i manage pretty well, so it works perfect for what i need.

Here it is!


And just into a 5gal bucket like in the last picture and i dump it out!!

pretty easy and it gets all the rockwool cubes that fall into the res as well!
Halloween will most likely be the chop date for the WW in the DWC. most likely about another month for the WW clones in the flood table as well as the grow box.. i defoliated in flower and stalled bud production and ripening by almost a month!!!

i will not have 5 plants in that grow box next time. I will only do 2.. They will be topped and trained under a scrog, so that the buds do not hit the glass and burn this time! Also.. having 5 plants in there makes it hard for any of the side branches to develop any buds, so i need to be able to train, top, and tie down the branches in order to maximize my yield.
good update - good job :)
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