GreenThumb J's White Widow Clone Run RTF/DWC

Nice tight buds on the widow. Great job!

Thanks Rado.

I'm dropping the strain tho. Not up to my standards thats for sure. Looks great and smells great under the lights, but after manicuring, it really loses its bag appeal for some reason, as well as the scent that i really enjoyed. Even with proper drying and curing conditions, its still not meeting my standards of product.

But we will see how it tastes/smells in about 3 more weeks of curing. Still haven't even had a sample yet! 3 days in jars with the humidity packs is making a small difference after a short period of time. I'm sure that with 3+ more weeks of curing time, the smell will improve and hopefully the potency will as well.

I found a source of some local clones here with promise of high quality strains. Most likely kush varieties since thats what popular around here.

I am going to grow out the rest of the WW i have left. 1 plant remaining from the original WW clones that i put into flower, a couple clones in the bubble cloner that are rooted and starting to veg, and one clone in my clone dome thats rooting as well.

Or i'm going to scrap them, and use that space for something else. Most likely will choose this option.

I have Lady GT's 2x OG kush plants as well as my 2x GS Cookies that are all in their final 5.2gal airpots ready to go into the flower tent, then the veg tent is empty. All the plants have been topped and i have clones of both plants that are rooted. The GSC clones very well. If it performs well in flower, its a keeper. The OG's Lady GT has going also clone very well (In the Bubble Cloner that is), and if those two plants do well, that strain is a keeper as well.

I will have 5 flowering stations in my apartment. 3 in the 8x8 tent, and 2 in the grow box, although i would probably just consider the grow box 1 flowering station as it would be difficult to run offsetting plants on the same reservoir. If i were able to have 2 separate reservoirs, then i could run two plants at different stages of flower. But i think in order to get a decent yield per harvest in the grow box, i need to harvest the whole thing at once. So the grow box will only have 2 plants, one under each 400w HPS,

I should be placing my seed order in the new year, possibly sooner!

Stay tuned to my upcoming journals!
So tasty looking! What a great job! congratulations!
So tasty looking! What a great job! congratulations!

Thanks Mr Robert. I actually just opened up a jar and removed the buds from it to sweat them in a larger container, and they are starting to compact and become those nice tight buds we all want when we open up a bag. The smell is starting to come back as well, which is a pleasant surprise.

I'm attributing the initial success of my curing phase to the Boveda humidity packs i am using in my jars. I bought the large packs, but i could have gotten away with the medium packs for my 1 quart jars. The great thing about using larger packs than you need, is the humidity packs dont have to work as hard maintaining the humidity, and they will last longer as i am using a larger pack than needed, therefore the pack should last much longer. Boveda states that these packs can last over a year when used in the correct sized, airtight container.

I'm still not going to continue with this strain, even if the potency and smell are there with a good 3+ week cure, the bag appeal just isn't there for me. And as much as patients require medicine that is effective, theres a stigma here in BC that if the bag doesn't look appealing, it doesn't move because no one wants the product, cause they dont think it will be any good. So I am going to go with strains that i know people will enjoy here, and are extremely potent.

I have started a 10 day flush on the WW clones. Thats a little longer than i normally flush for (7 days) but I am giving this harvest to a close buddy of mine to pay him back for a trip we took this year. So in 10 days i have another harvest and in about a week after that, i will have another harvest.

I was going to use the Nirvana Seeds Papaya and Blackberry as breeding strains, but i think i will just grow them out, see if i like them and how they look. I will do two runs of the strains of course, because i take clones of a plant 2 weeks before i put it into flower.

All my clones in my Bubble Cloner are growing roots like crazy, and i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to transplant them into rockwool. Might have to get a slab and cut custom pieces, cause a couple of the clones are a bit big.
I promised people I would have a large update for this journal, when in fact I don't really.

With how busy I have been the last week or so, I have only managed to trim one of the 4 WW in the 4x4 tray. It's dried and in jars with a grand total of 5 zips for the first plant.

The second plant I am working on right now (I'm actually out getting 3 new water pumps and some PVC so I lied!) looks to be about 3 zips. The 3rd, and largest plant that I've pulled from the flower room is the beast of the 4 and should pull in easily 6+ zips. The final WW plant should pull about 4 zips.

I estimate total weight for the WW I grew from clone of my DWC plant to be 16+ zips which is over 1lb, dried and in jars.

In a week or so I should have those final numbers for everyone.

I will post a picture update when I get home!
Awesome GreenThumb J, congratulations. :adore:
Thanks 60..

I'm going to make a solid effort to get the last 3 WW plants in the 4x4 tray trimmed up and hanging in the drying tent today

Yesterday i purchased another $200 worth of grow stuff yesterday..

Mainly 3 new water pumps and some PVC for drip rings.

I am most likely starting to germinate my THC Bomb seeds in the next week with Cannabis 1 for our Side by Side Monster RDWC grow, Still haven't decided how we are going to do that journal. Like one journal that we both post to or something. Wouldn't really make a lot of sense to have 2 separate journals i dont think.

Anyways.. off to walk my dog.. i will be back later hopefully with that picture update i promised!
Congrats on your harvest Greenthumb. :high-five:
Those buds look great man, and a very nice yield also.

Thanks stealth!!

wait till you see the WW i grew in rockwool cubes in a top feed system. They look WAY better than the DWC WW.

I'll post a picture of each in a bowl to show the difference. let me see if i have them uploaded yet.. haha i do

Okay. the first picture here shows the WW i grew in a DWC bucket:


Darker in colour, less trichomes, doesn't smell as good. Overall looks average i guess.

Heres the same WW i grew from clones of the DWC plant, but i grew them in rockwool cubes, using a top feed system, with daily irrigation 2-6x a day:


Much lighter in colour, MUCH more trichomes, better smell, better shaped buds, tighter more dense buds as well. Overall, very good bag appeal, very good quality (even tho i havent tested it really).

I am getting my roots out of the water and into grow cubes from now on. These pictures speak a million words as to why i will no longer grow with roots submerged in nutrient solution.

*Edit* Let me make a very clear point that this is the same strain, same genetics. The top feed rockwool plants were clones from the DWC plant. They even looked 100x better on the plant during flower too.
I'm going to trim up some branches of the WW in rockwool cubes right now, so be prepared for a nice picture update later, as well, i'm going to do a video later this evening when the flower tent turns on for its 12 hours @ 8pm.

Theres been lots of changes here in GreenThumb's place, so i'm going to make a video to go over everything with everyone!
cripes. now ive seen it all. clones. pedicure and wax. lol. nails. hair, the whole works. so. how much for one of these fine units? i still just use a tray/dome/ tiny cfl/heatmat.
It's great to hear that the Rockwool, top feed works so good. This is my plan in the near future, and your journal will be a great way to keep learning.
cripes. now ive seen it all. clones. pedicure and wax. lol. nails. hair, the whole works. so. how much for one of these fine units? i still just use a tray/dome/ tiny cfl/heatmat.

I'm guessing you mean my grow box. It wasn't cheap thats for sure. almost $4000 with the bells and whistles. Its nice for small plants from clone. But i'm going to try to run only 2 plants in there this time and put a nice scrog over top of them and spread them out.. gona go for 5 zips a plant in that small space.

I'm going to go make my video right now (I know really late!) Then post my photo update as well!!
Hey guys!

I'm going to do that update i talked about, i'm just finishing up all the work i have been doing around the grow rooms.

Just finished giving the Grow Box a vigorous cleaning and getting it ready for the 2x Pink Kush clones that i will be growing in there.

Rigged up some air line tubing so that theres 9 drippers per plant! I am also changing the lights on/lights off time from day to night for temperature reasons, as well as i am adding 4 more waterings per day.. at least 4. I find with the 4-6x daily waterings, you can minimize the pH drift in your reservoir, as well as make sure that the pH of the growing medium is the same as the water reservoir. Plus the growth rates are insane with multiple waterings too!

I will also have a smoke report of my WW i grew from clones in the Top Feed system in the 4x4 tray.. Let me tell you it was good!

i will be back in a bit when i finish up some work and eating!
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