GreenThumb J's White Widow Clone Run RTF/DWC

Wow those buds are amazing! Great job GreenThumb as always!

How close are those monster buds from your Cooltubes? I was running my LSD about 8 inches and im seeing some bleaching so i back it away to around 10-12 inches now.
Congrats brother. Thats some budage.

Thanks Dusty.. they are all meeting the chopping block in the next few days.. those pics of the branches hanging are the smallest of the 4 plants in the tray, still will probably pull 2-3zips+ and i even had to chop off 2 colas as well. The other plants will probably pull in at least 4 zips each.

Congratulations on your harvest GT, that's some outstanding nugs. What line of nutes are those from?

Thank you kindly sir! These buds were grown using the GH 3-part flora series, along with GH Liquid KoolBloom and KoolBloom Dry, GH FloraBlend, GH Floralicious plus, GH ArmorSi as well as Botanicare's Cal/Mag +

I am actually done with the GH 3-part flora series tho, and have actually switched over to the BC Hydroponics line of Technaflora Nutrients. BC Boost, BC Grow and BC Bloom along with Awesome Blossoms, Sugar Daddy, Root 66 and Thrive Alive Red B-1.

I have stopped brewing microbial tea as well, i know i told you over PM, but for others that aren't aware, i am only using my Gen Hydro Subculture-M and Subculture-B as root drenches and now only use Aquashield (or Hydroguard) as a foliar spray. I'm seeing the same results as before, but it a much easier process than brewing up tea for 3-5 days.

Wow those buds are amazing! Great job GreenThumb as always!

How close are those monster buds from your Cooltubes? I was running my LSD about 8 inches and im seeing some bleaching so i back it away to around 10-12 inches now.

I have one bud that is bleached the slightest bit, but that bud is probably about 4 inches away from the cooltube. I wouldn't go any closer than 6 inches from a 600w CoolTube. As long as the intake for your CoolTubes is nice and cool, the heat given off by the CoolTube isn't even a factor, but the light intensity of a bud sitting that close WILL bleach your buds and degrade your THC.

Oh, Thanks by the way HN!! Hey.. my papaya's are coming along nicely, and they've actually shown sex within 30 days of germination, so i'm thinking i have some really fast finishing beans! I'll post a few pics later when i start up my new Perpetual Journal.

Lovely GT :bravo:

Thank you Cronic! Hope your holiday season was filled with big buds and good feasts!!

Howdy GT, You might have to register some of those buds w/the FBI as deadly weapons. You could beat somebody to death w/those monsters. Your hard work is paying off handsomely.
Per Post#596, getting alchohol on your buds shouldn't be a huge concern as it evaporates rapidly at room temp.
Happy holidays.

I agree, but i'm sure that some residual taste would be left behind no? might ruin the overall quality of your buds. Better to just wash them off to be safe!!

Thank you everyone for the kind words!! Maybe you'll see those massive chonger buds in next months Nug of The Month contest!!

Happy growing everyone!
Hey folks, Greenthumb has a bit of information to pass along.

I have stopped brewing my modified tea!

I now have a replacement for my tea that i am more than happy with the results.

As some of you know, i use Gen Hydro's Subculture-M in my brewed tea.

Well i now use it on its own as a root drench. I simply add one tablespoon to 4gals of unchlorinated water and mix it up, then apply it to the base of the stalk of my plants.

I am also now using Subculture-B, Bacillus Root Inoculant, on the days I'm not using the Subculture-M.

I do not mix it up the same as above. It is mixed in the ratio of 1 teaspoon per 5gals, but i just use 4gals for a little more concentration in the solution. If you want a more concentrated, aggressive application, simply add 1 teaspoon to 1gal of water, mix and use immediately.

I am seeing more rapid root growth and much whiter roots than when using my modified tea..

Here is an example of how quickly my roots are growing now.. This plant was transplanted into this 1gal container only 6 days ago:

I wont be going back to brewing tea again. The only ingredient that i am continuing to use is Aquashield. i now apply it only as a foliar spray!

I also have purchased water conditioner, since i have such low PPM tap water already, simply to remove the chlorine and chloramine from my water, so it does not kill off my beneficial bacteria. now i dont have to wait a day bubbling water to evaporate the chlorine and such from my 4gal bucket.

A 500ml bottle will treat up to 5000gals of water, which will last me quite awhile!

Happy growing everyone!
Thanks GT, I've blogged this for future use. How do you mix Aquashield ?
the bottle states 5-10ml per gallon, but who has a 1gal spray bottle?

i usually fill my spray bottle with about 12oz of non-chlorinated water then add about 10-15ml of Aquashield to the spray bottle, twist on the top, give it a couple shakes to mix and start spraying the top side of the leaves.
Thank you GT.
I made a seed germination video for you too brother!

here it is!

Greenthumb J's method to germinating seeds:


Super cool GT, how far down is the top of the seed in the Rockwool? So you don't close the hole at the top of the cube?
You know I hate brewing tea hahahah love this idea. Seems like you have proven results with this. Thanks greenthumb!!
Thanks Robert!

If you need to feel better, take a look at my Great White Shark's that i posted last page. Seeing buds that big should make you feel happy that you're growing under HPS now!!

I chopped them last night, and took a shit ton of photos. Unfortunately, i have been up all night doing that, as well as getting my mini RDWC into the flower tent.. A video will be coming of that later today!
Thanks GT, I could not find this info anywhere, some open & some closed. I can't wait to see the final numbers on your last harvest.
I'm expecting the 4 plants to total about 8-12 zips..

I am actually just starting my new journal right now, i have a couple videos to post to it as well as a shit ton of pictures to catch everyone up on the strains i haven't journaled.

Just uploading my photos from the chop last night.
GreenThumbJ, I now am using liquid KoolBloom on my grow and have noticed a tremendous amount of bud development and growth... My question is how do you use it and how many ml per gallon do you mix in your nutrient solution and how often?

Do you think those monster colas are a result from the liquid KoolBloom?

Thanks! Cant wait to see your video of the harvest!!!
Hey brother! I actually didn't make a video of the harvest, as some of the buds were simply to large to handle while i filmed. But i did take lots of photos!

I'm not sure i can safely say those large buds were due to the Liquid Koolbloom or just being under way more light than i last ran this strain. When i grew the Great White Shark last, it was in my grow box, which only has about 800-950w depending on if my 150w CFL is on or not. This time around, they were under they're own 600w Cooltube, but also had 3 other Cooltubes in the tent adding extra light.

Make sure that you pick up some KoolBloom dry as well to use in your last 3 weeks before you start flushing. I definitely helps ripen up the buds and Floralicious Plus is another good one to have to increase essential oil production, aromas and flavours of your buds!

News Flash tho, i'm putting the GH 3-part down for a bit and giving Technaflora's BC Hydroponics line a go. I picked up 10L jugs each of BC Boost, BC Grow and BC Bloom, so i'll be using this for quite a few runs actually.

I have to say i'm already liking the ease of using Technaflora nutrients. I have less things to add into my reservoir to acheive the same water quality, if not better, than having 10 different GH nutrients and additives to mix up.

I'm also not brewing beneficial tea anymore. I'm still using GH products but I only use Gen Hydro's Subculture-M and Subculture-B as Root drenches, and i use Aquashield only as a foliar spray. I'm seeing much, much better results than i was before.

Cannabis 1 and myself are tearing up our grows right now changing things around like indecisive schoolgirls haha.

We have our monster RDWC side by side grow that we are starting in about 2 weeks, but we keep changing things in the system. Originally we had it all built, now we are getting bigger water pumps! We were using Danner Supreme Mag Drive 7 pumps which were 700gph, but we have recently since changed that to Mag drive 12 pumps that pump out a whopping 1200gph!

Anyways.. we can chit chat about this later.. i'm going to go finish my first post in the new journal!
I'm actually going to post them in the new journal brother!

Speaking of which, I would like to thank everyone who followed along on this grow. It was more of a double harvest, but thats okay.

I would like to thank everyone for the likes and the reputation given along the way!

This will be the last post on this journal.

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come join me in my new journal! I will post the link to the thread once the journal is up!

Peace, love and big buds!!

GreenThumb J
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